Saturday, September 6, 2008

Good News!

The final, final, final pathology report is back's still good news! The testing on the "invasive" part of the cancer still says that I am 100% estrogen positive and 96% progesterone positive. This means I will be able to take Tamoxifen after all. It's a small victory but a victory none the less.

The Her2/Neu came back negative. This means that I will not be eligible to take Herceptin. I still think this is good news because my cancer is not fast growing or as aggressive as it could be. All in all, I'm happy with these results.

I also completed the cat scan and bone scan yesterday. They weren't as horrible as I had envisioned, but, drinking that barium sulfate was quite the experience! I did manage to keep it down though.

I will have the port placed on Monday morning. This is a surgical procedure and is done in the operating room. Click here for more information or click here to see what one looks like being accessed for chemotherapy. (slightly weak stomachs allowed). You can actually see it through the skin. I have no fashion statements at this time!

I still have two posts in the is on living out the Liturgical Year and the other is titled "Long Ago Friends". Look for those in the upcoming days.

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