Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm not too impressed...

I finally heard from the oncologist's office today. However, this was not due to any effort on their part...at all! When Dan and I first met with Dr. Marks, he gave the impression that I would be starting chemo within 2 weeks. At that time, I needed to have the portacath placed and have that cyst on my ovary checked out. Both have been completed. I waited for a couple of days assuming I would hear from oncology. I didn't. Finally, on Thursday, I called and left a message for his nurse. I had no response Thursday, Friday or yesterday. I called today to schedule another apointment with the psychologist (this is routine) and he was quite shocked to hear my plight. Within five minutes of hanging up with him.....I received a call from the oncologist's PA who apologized up and down for not contacting me sooner. She said that Dr. Marks is just waiting for my lab results. What lab results? I haven't had any lab done yet!! They really dropped the ball here and I'm trying to figure out what to do.

In the meantime, she (the PA) called back and I'm scheduled for lab work tomorrow morning at 9:00am with an appointment to see Dr. Marks at 9:40am and my "teaching" at 10:00am. I assume the teaching is just a tour of the area and a meeting with a nurse to talk about the drugs I will receive and their related side effects and such.

I truly hope that this whole mess is not something that happens on a regular basis with this group. Totally forgetting about a patient does not seem like good medicine to me. While I'm not in any rush to start chemo....I do want to get it over with! I guess I'm as prepared as I'll every be.
We've talked with the kids and told them what is likely to happen while receiving treatment. They have seen my wig (we call her "Rachel) and have even tried it on. I'm hoping that the anticipation of it all is worse than the treatment itself. I guess I'll know soon enough. I'm going to try and focus on the fact that all of this is temporary. I won't be on chemo forever and I know that there is a light at the end of my tunnel. That being said....I am extremely anxious! I think "worry" could be my middle name.

I CAN do this! I WILL do this!!

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