Sunday, September 14, 2008

Interesting morning!!

I had to make another trip to the grocery store this morning for something that I forgot last night. Dan and Nathan went to the 10am mass...the girls and I will go tonight at 6pm. While it isn't the ideal situation to split up the family on Sunday (especially for church), sometimes it is necessary. I'll save that controversy for another post.
The experience I had last night at the store was totally the opposite from this morning. For one thing...last night, I was alone. Today, the girls were especially chatty and loud. The store was packed full of people stocking up on tailgating supplies for the Jaguar game. The entire store was full of teal and black jerseys. Oh...and to the man that I almost bumped into with my cart while leaving the store because I was checking my receipt...the one who sighed VERY loudly and shook his head in total disgust of me.....I'm not letting your bad attitude ruin the kindness shown to me by the lady last night . There seems to be a lot of pent up anger in Jaguar fans these days (he was wearing a jersey also). Perhaps they need to take a lesson from the "finess" teams of the 80's and cool their jets a little!!
On to the point of this post. While leaving the parking lot, a dark maroon van caught my eye. It had three extra large signs covering both sides (including the windows) and the back. All three signs said the same thing, and I quote....."Finally, a salutable flag! Heil Islam. Change." Next to the wording on this sign was a huge picture of Obama and the American flag with a big "X" over it. I KID YOU NOT! This van never left the parking lot. He just kept driving around, row after row, slowly ever so slowly. There was a white van with a woman driver following him. No side or back windows on this one. I was scared to think of what might be in the back of it. As I was waiting to turn left at the stoplight...there were 3 police cars waiting to turn into the parking lot. Let's just hope there was no trouble.

Isn't it wonderful that we live in a country where expressing yourself and your opinion in this way is acceptable and allowed! It amazes me that there are people out there that would stoop to that level....circling a grocery store parking lot...just to get your point across. I realize that no government can please all of the people all of the time. Heck, there are lots of things even I would change if I could. But I would never, ever bring dishonor in any way to the flag that represents this country and represents all those that have fought for it. Lastly, and I'm serious about this, if there are people out there that are so unhappy with this country and what it stands for and those that run it.....there are many other places these people can move to. Why don't they?

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Frank and Lillian said...

Yes, a lot of people forget that football is only a game. Go figure!

Re, the van....amazing that they could afford the gas!

Hang in there, better times are ahead!

xxoo, Frank and Lillian