Friday, September 19, 2008


Apparently, Nathan's birthday money has been burning a hole in his wallet! He's been asking (no, that would be begging) to go to the store every night since his beautiful brown eyes caught sight of the green stuff. Every evening he takes out his wallet and carefully counts out his money.....each time, it's the same...$72.00. Well, tonight he could wait no more!

After dinner he and I slipped out to Walmart to see what we could find. He decided he didn't want to spend it all at once. Perhaps he's starting to "get" the concept that money doesn't grow on trees and that saving some for a rainy day makes sense.

Anyway, we spent about an hour wandering the store until he saw something that he couldn't live without. We came home with this, this and this. He still has about $20 left over!!

He and Dan are eating popcorn and watching the movie now.

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