Monday, October 20, 2008

2 years ago

As I lay here and feel sorry for myself, licking my wounds and wondering "why me"...I miss my mother. While we never had a good relationship, it's times like these when you could really use a word or two from your mom....just a kiss on the forehead or a pat on the rump telling can do it!

It was two years ago today that my mom finally lost her battle with a demon called alcoholism. During a lot of her life, she waged that battle with courage and determination, sometimes overcoming it altogether. Other times, she succumbed daily. It never left her completely. It even denied her peace in death. I pray often that the God of Love has allowed her suffering on earth to count for something. That she is somehow glowing (or will be soon) with the Light and Love of Christ all around her.

But, want my mom. I miss my mom. I want to hear her voice.

The last time I saw my mom was in February of 2004. She came for the birth of my 2nd daughter, Amelia. It had been a problem pregnancy and we weren't sure Amelia would live long after birth. My mom spent almost 24 hours on a train, through snow, sleet and rain just to come and be with me. She stayed for almost a month after Amelia was born to help take care of us. It was one of the most loving things my mom had ever done for me. I will never forget that time.

I know that it would probably almost kill my mom to know that her oldest daughter is fighting breast cancer. Perhaps it's better this way...that she isn't here to have to deal with this. Either way, I miss her so much.

Judith Dianne Corniola

February 16, 1934 - October 20, 2006

Eternal Rest Grant Unto Her O Lord, And Let Perpetual Light Shine Upon Her. May She Rest In Peace. Amen.


Therese said...

Oh Nancy, how I understand the pain of missing your Mom! I pray that you can feel her close even though you can't hear her voice!

Therese said...

my mother came to help me too when our Amelia was born. It was a very difficult time in our life. I am sorry you have lost your mother and will pray for her soul.

God bless