Monday, October 13, 2008

Random Ranting

I saw gas for $2.95 a gallon today. Why is it that when it was $3.95 a gallon everyone and their brother was griping? It's down a dollar within just a few days and the gripers.....are still griping. I'm convinced that some people just like to gripe. I also think that some people like crisis. When there is something catastrophic going on....they love it, thrive on it and wallow in it! Of course, the MSM (main stream media) is excellent at instilling panic. I mean, according to them, it's the end of the world! I am a firm believer in the cyclical changes of life. There are cycles to economics, climate, spirituality, fashion, music...and pretty much every other aspect of our lives. If you're blessed to live long enough, you will probably see both ends of the spectrum. Some people are so busy finding someone to point their finger at and blame, that they end up missing the obvious.

Life is not easy. I never remember anyone ever promising that it would be. Some people expect to be successful, happy and rich just because they work hard and try to do the right thing. I've got news for you.....that's not always how it goes. Yes, you should work hard and try to do the right thing....but, we should do it is the right thing to do and because it's what God has asked of us. There is an evil force in this world that intends to interrupt everything meant for good in this life. This force will start at the heart of the family....where God is living and present. It just goes downhill from there. Let's not let evil win.

End of rant.


Tracy said...

I liked your rant.. I'm thinking your rant is alot how I was feeling today as well.. nicely said:)

Bia said...

Amen on the part that the family must be protected at all costs.

Pauli said...

I'm in Nebraska on business and the gas is $2.79 here.

I think that I should be taxed by the government for the huge windfall profit that the lower gas prices are causing for me.

If not, I will use my excess money to get drunk, possibly wreck and it will be all the governments fault.

Or something like that.