Saturday, November 29, 2008

Craft Show

I'm heading off to the annual Christmas Made in the South craft show here in Jacksonville today. This show comes every year on Thanksgiving weekend and it is so huge that it is held at the convention center! There are hundreds of vendors that come from all over the country!
Over the years, I have been able to find some wonderful, one of a kind items. This year, I'm looking for one particular item. I'm hoping that I can find that vendor!

***Also, could you all say a prayer for my husband....he is feeling under the weather today. He has been so great about taking care of me during my chemo treatments, but, he won't let me take care of him. I think it's a guy thing. It seems to be just a cold....we've all had it in our house but, since he is sick so seldom, things usually hit him harder. Anyway, I appreciate your prayers!!


Dawn said...

Have fun today! Your hubby is on my prayer list. I have tagged you on my blog for a Book meme. ;)

Therese said...

Have a great day! I'll be praying!

Journey of Truth said...

I love craft shows! The last one I went to was while living in VA and that was eons ago. Have fun! I know about one of a kind finds. I have a few ornaments I bought at the one in VA and boy wouldn't I love to add to the collection!

Oh, hope your hubby feels better. I'm going to pray for him whilst I pray for my own recovery (head cold and earache).

Will you post a pic of what you'll keep for yourself? (you may get things for those who read your blog so I'm not asking to share what you find if it spoils stuff).

God bless!

Tracy said...

ohh, that sounds like such fun!! Have a wonderful time!

Therese said...

I would love to go to a craft show. Praying for your husband.