Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Guess Who???

Guess who has gone for over a week with big girl panties on during the day????? She's still wearing pull-ups at night....but over half of the time she's been dry when she wakes up!!!!
I can't believe it....I'm almost there! It is so exciting and yet sad at the same time. I will be happy to not have to buy diapers anymore (about $150 a month, don't ya know), but, it's proof that my baby days are over! I guess I just need to look forward to the next stage of motherhood and be ever so thankful that God has allowed me to borrow three of the most beautiful souls I know!!! Here's to a life without diapers!!!!


Juli said...

That reminds me. I really need to get going on my son. I've stopped and started with him too many times to count. He's just not very interested. His older brother was almost three before he was potty trained. But I still have another in diapers behind him. Still it will help.
Oh, and congratulations on being diaper free. Are you a bit sad, though?

Therese said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I am hoping for the same soon!

Nancy said...

Yes Juli...kinda sad.

Therese said...

we have been nappy free for a year now and I love it but I know what you mean about the baby days ending.