Saturday, November 22, 2008

I should probably be arrested!

Seriously. I've been home all afternoon....not doing much of anything really. I folded some laundry and straightened up a bit...nothing major. So, tell me why I didn't plan better for dinner! This is what I ended up feeding my family tonight.....feast your eyes on this:

Up first is.......canned french cut green beans.

Next we have boxed, frozen pierogies sauteed in olive oil and butter.

And...drum roll please....packaged, microwaved kielbasa.

I wonder what the fat content of this meal is. Or, for that matter, what the nutritional value is. What I'm embarrassed to tell you is that, we were in a rush this morning as I had something to take care of at they had pop tarts for breakfast. And....since they were with me at church for almost three hours without fussing very much....I treated them to McDonald's for lunch. I wonder if I'm actually treating them to a future heart attack? I know that if I planned better, I could serve my family more nutritious and healthy meals. In all honesty, Dan and the kids loved dinner and I must admit that the pierogies were pretty darn good...frozen or not! There are recipes out there for fresh, home made Bethany's. Still, I feel guilty for not doing better in this area. I mean, I'm a little worried about the eating habits that I'm teaching my children. I shudder to think of the other habits they're learning. Why is it that pre packaged foods are so much more economical than fresh or "organic"?

When Dan and I visited Rome last year, we noticed that most Romans go to the grocery store everyday. They buy the ingredients that they need for just that day. Honestly, I just don't have the time or the inclination to go every single day. On the other hand, fresh fruits and vegetables don't last all that long and I find that sometimes, these things go bad before I can use them. I guess I justify my pre packaged purchases with the thought that it is less wasteful.

Well, whatever my motives or excuses...I'm going to make a real effort to become a healthier wife and mom and to try and take better care of my family.


Christie Groth said...

Those in Rome...hehe
Those in Rome have local grocery stores with fresh food....which in this country we've decided we'd rather have huge refrigerators/freezers and drive across town to shop. We'd rather spend hours buying more food of negligible nutritional value and God only knows where it's made and under what conditions, to come home and try to figure out where to put everything. hahaha Then, we usually toss a lot because it ruins before we eat it.
Pretty sad.... We are really so wasteful and incredibly unhealthy... But we are more about the price Walmart can sell food for, than the value of what the corner grocer sold. I am SOOO included in that statement unfortunately...

Therese said...

You are doing the best you can-as are the rest of us! At least you cooked! It looked great by the way!