Tuesday, November 4, 2008

There is some good news if Obama wins!

I like to think of myself as a positive person. Granted, events in my life over the last several months have made me slightly more realistic, but, I believe I can still see the good in each situation. I've been thinking long and hard about what a Barack Hussein Obama presidency will actually mean for me. I thought of some things that I wanted to bring to your attention....mainly so we don't hang our heads too low tomorrow. Here are my thoughts....

1. I'm significantly worried about homeschooling as we know it in this country. B.O. has not exactly come out "against" homeschooling...but, he's not really come out "for" it either. There is no official statement, however, there is this (h/t to the SpunkyHomeSchooler). That being said,
I believe that the good news here is that...he won't have time to deal with this homeschooling issue as he will be very busy having unilateral talks (without conditions) with the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Iran), Kim Jong Il (North Korea), Fidel Castro, et al (Cuba), Hugo Chavez (Venezuela), Bashar al-Assad (Syria), Obama Osama Bin Laden (al Queda) as well as others not mentioned here. I think this could keep him busy for at least the first several months of the first year. There is also that issue that he wants to take care of FIRST that might also distract him a little.

2. Another bit of good news is that Dan and I are well below the stated $250, 000 $200,000$120,000 (or whatever amount they finally decide on) threshold for who makes "too much" and so we will be expecting a check soon. I mean...he seems very worried about the middle class and he (at least Joe Biden) considers it patriotic to give more of your hard earned money to those who have less. Who am I (who seems to have...less) to argue with that?

3. In addition to all of the above good news.....how can I go wrong with a president who has been endorsed by the likes of Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney, Al Franken, Rob Reiner, Warren Buffet, Joy Behar, Barbra Streisand, Jennifer Aniston and Jesse Jackson? I undertand that these individuals are all in good, ahem, moral standing and therefore can make pretty good role models for my children. I mean, who wouldn't want their daughters to be just like Jennifer Aniston and who wouldn't want their son to grow up and follow in the footsteps of Al Franken?

4. Currently, Dan and I each work part time. We thought this was the best scenario for our family since we couldn't (can't) really afford for one of us to stay home full time and so that our children did not have to go to day care. In addition, they get to spend quality time with both of us. Technically, I work for our medical benefits coverage. All this time I was thinking that my employer offering medical coverage was a benefit...but...apparently, I have a right to free medical care (free as in medical care that I don't have to pay for! Somebody must pay for it somewhere....but not me!!!) The good news here is that I don't really have to worry anymore about keeping my job so I can pay for my medical coverage. After B.O. is done meeting with the terrorist nations of the world, he can get right on that "socialized medicine" deal that has been so successful in Canada and I can quit my job and not have to worry about my pre-existing condition of cancer because.....someone else will pay for it.

I know that there is other good news out there if Obama becomes president but I really don't want you (or me) getting too excited because there is always the chance that he won't win.

So, please keep a stiff upper lip and hang in there because all is not lost....there are some things we can look forward to come January 20th.

Update at 7:04pm
****I think I might have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed today! Either that or I just really have a bad attitude. I apologize for the "tongue and cheek" nature of this post. I think all this election stuff has really done a number on me. Hopefully, I'll be back to normal soon...just in time for my next chemo treatment on Thursday****


Bird, Frizzy and Our Little Yaya said...

I'm happy you are able to find "the bright side" to his Presidency. I know he is a good man but for some reason I can't shake a feeling of dread with him as our president. NOW...that doesn't mean I don't have similar feelings when it comes to McCain. For some reason, the feelings of dread simply aren't as loud as they are with Obama is all. I do NOT want "more of the same" for our country either. What I want and pray for is that Americans as a whole get involved and stay involved in making the right choices for our country. If Americans unite to show our approval or disapproval of current affairs in our nation it would be hard to ignore us. It's time for us to be united and whole again. I pray that we can do this as a nation no matter who is elected President today.

Tracy said...

well, I'm glad you put words to how I've felt since getting up today.. I have felt a big black cloud following me all day and I am so emotional.. I'm scared.. I'm scared what this means for our Country and our children, but most of all.. I'm so scared for the unborn:(

SuzanneG said...

Are you kidding? Loved the "tongue and cheek"!!!