Sunday, December 7, 2008

First Confession!

Yesterday was a great day! Nathan woke up very excited about making his First Confession. He didn't seem nervous or anxious at all (he left that to his mother who was nervous enough for all of us)! He picked out dress slacks and a white shirt......and insisted that he wear a tie. He looked very "smart" all dressed up. Here is a picture of Nathan and his 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Bradley, right before the program started.

The parents met in the church for an hour with Fr. Fred before it started. He gave a terrific talk about the what confession was like in the early church and the reasons for some of the changes over the years. He also talked a great deal about how we (as parents) behave and react to confession will have a direct correlation to how they behave and react. Dan and I have always tried to be positive about the need for confession and how important it is for our spiritual growth....but, up until now, the kids have really been too young to even understand what it means. We are also lacking in our enthusiasm for going on a more regular basis. I'm sure that Nathan will be instrumental in changing this as soon as he can! He's already asked me at least 100 times...."when was the last time you went mom?"

Nathan seemed to do fine right before he went in....never mind the girl right before him who came out, knelt down (I guess to begin her penance) and promptly threw up on the pew in front of her! Poor girl! I thought Nathan's eyes were going to pop out of his head when he saw her. Luckily, his teacher motioned him into the confessional before he could proceed with any "sympathy vomiting".

He was grinning ear to ear when he came out! Later, he said he felt like skipping out of there! It was very exciting! I didn't get any "all graced up" pictures of him right after confession, but, here is one from his basketball game which started about 20 minutes later.
Here are some other random shots of our weekend! We decorated our tree and put together a pre-made gingerbread house. I, on the other hand, have spent a lot of time on the couch with horrible bone pain (hips and pelvis mostly). Hopefully, I'll be feeling a little better this week and can get to the rest of the things on my list.


Therese said...

Nancy-I remember feeling the same way before Peter made his First Confession last year. I feel so resposible for the sould we have been given. Luckily, Peter loves going to Confession! It is a wonderful Sacrament, isn't it?

I am off to Adoration. Know I will be praying for you!

Easter A. said...

I read your post at Aspiring's. Know that you are loved!!! You are God's most beautiful daughter! I continue to keep you close to my heart and pray for you... May God heal you completely!

I am including your site on my sidebar. I am glad to have found your blog through Aspiring's.

Michele said...

Your tree is beautiful. I hope you are feeling better!