Monday, December 22, 2008

This is just NOT right!!

This is Jacksonville's forecast for the rest of the week! To me, it is just wrong to be 80 degrees on Christmas Day!!! Just plain wrong!!! Especially when it was relatively cold today...(currently 43 degrees). I guess we'll have to turn on the air conditioning just to put a log on the fire!


Therese said...

Nancy-It is -3 right now and we are to get another 11 inches of snow between tomorrow and Wednesday...I am cold and tired of snow and it is only December 22! Enjoy the heat! ;)

aspiring... said...
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Melody K said...

Nancy, I'll trade you! It finally warmed up here today, to 20°F. Yesterday when I went to work it was -13°. Someday when I'm rich we'll do a destination Christmas in Florida or Hawaii (and we'll probably miss our back-home-in-Nebraska winter wonderland!)