Monday, December 15, 2008

What is this world coming to?????

Did you read the news about the changes made to the Oxford University Press Junior Dictionary? Strangely enough, I'm not surprised. I certainly hope that Webster is not planning on making similar changes! I'm really trying to understand what point they're trying to make. I order to be "multicultural" Britain can't define "cheetah" or "lobster"???? This makes no sense. What is even more curious is their purging of religious words! So, if the word "sin" isn't in the dictionary....does that mean that there really is no "true" meaning of the word....that it's totally subjective???? are the words they removed AND the ones they added.

Words taken out:

Carol, cracker, holly, ivy, mistletoe, Dwarf, elf, goblin,Abbey, aisle, altar, bishop, chapel, christen, disciple, minister, monastery, monk, nun, nunnery, parish, pew, psalm, pulpit, saint, sin, devil, vicar, Coronation, duchess, duke, emperor, empire,monarch,decade, adder, ass, beaver, boar, budgerigar, bullock, cheetah, colt, corgi, cygnet, doe, drake, ferret, gerbil, goldfish, guinea pig, hamster, heron, herring, kingfisher, lark, leopard, lobster, magpie, minnow, mussel, newt, otter, ox, oyster, panther, pelican, piglet, plaice, poodle, porcupine, porpoise, raven, spaniel, starling, stoat, stork, terrapin, thrush, weasel, wren.
Acorn, allotment, almond, apricot, ash, bacon, beech, beetroot, blackberry, blacksmith, bloom, bluebell, bramble, bran, bray, bridle, brook, buttercup, canary, canter, carnation, catkin, cauliflower, chestnut, clover, conker, county, cowslip, crocus, dandelion, diesel, fern, fungus, gooseberry, gorse, hazel, hazelnut, heather, holly, horse chestnut, ivy, lavender, leek, liquorice, manger, marzipan, melon, minnow, mint, nectar, nectarine, oats, pansy, parsnip, pasture, poppy, porridge, poultry, primrose, prune, radish, rhubarb, sheaf, spinach, sycamore, tulip, turnip, vine, violet, walnut, willow

Words put in:

Blog, broadband, MP3 player, voicemail, attachment, database, export, chatroom, bullet point, cut and paste, analogue
Celebrity, tolerant, vandalism, negotiate, interdependent, creep, citizenship, childhood, conflict, common sense, debate, EU, drought, brainy, boisterous, cautionary tale, bilingual, bungee jumping, committee, compulsory, cope, democratic, allergic, biodegradable, emotion, dyslexic, donate, endangered, Euro
Apparatus, food chain, incisor, square number, trapezium, alliteration, colloquial, idiom, curriculum, classify, chronological, block graph

Now, I believe myself to be a reasonable person.....but.....they take out a word like "monarchy" and add something like "bungee jumping"???? This is BRITAIN for Pete's sake!!!! How can you take out a word like "monarchy". Frankly, I think their reasoning is just plain nonsense and comes straight from the devil....which by the way...has been removed!!!


Chris said...

more attempts to rewrite history, I'd say.

aspiring... said...
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Laura The Crazy Mama said...

WEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIRRRRRRDDDDDDD! It's like we're in some kind of bizarro world.

Tracy said...

Special award for you at my blog Nancy:)
Have a lovely day!!