Tuesday, January 6, 2009


....there is a virus living in this house somewhere and we need to have an exorcism! Amelia has been throwing up all day and writhing in pain with stomach cramps. I've been dealing with those same stomach cramps. I felt so bad earlier that I had to ask Dan not to go to work. Thank God he stayed home, because about 5:00pm or so, Nathan decided he was sick and began throwing up too. There is no way I could have been holding two buckets at the same time.

Olivia is pretty much over it...although she still has some diarrhea. Amelia finally fell asleep about midnight and she's sleeping pretty good. Nathan and I are still up.....very miserable and just trying to distract ourselves.
Even before this latest outbreak, I had hired a team from the Maid Brigade to come next Tuesday the 13th to do what they call a "Seasonal Deep Cleaning". I have added several duties to this list. Apparently they work in pairs of two or three and after answering several questions about square footage, pets and stuff like that....she came up with a very reasonable price. So the germ exorcism will begin next Tuesday!!!

I did manage to take a picture of my two sickies.....against their will...but isn't that what moms do?

If this isn't one pitiful little girl!!

This is my brave 8 year old....even in illness he is somewhat shy! How about a collective "ahhhhhhhhhh"!


Therese said...

Sounds like rotovirus to me-we had it a few years ago and it stayed in the house for 3 weeks...very ugly! Get well soon!

Journey of Truth (Sarah) said...

I pray you are all feeling better soon!!!!

Tracy said...

Oh Nancy, I'm so sorry, no fun at all:( Prayers are being said for a speedy recovery for all!!