Sunday, January 4, 2009

Deja Vu???

Well, here I am, it's 1:36am and Olivia is sick. She's thrown up twice now. I have the couch covered in blankets and she has two buckets next to her. I asked Daniel to help me this time....I'm having a hard time sleeping and I'm just exhausted! My oncologist gave me something to help me sleep, but, I've only taken it once. Dan just told me to take one and go to bed as he will stay up with Olivia tonight.

I looked it up...there is a patron saint of stomach problems...get's St. Elmo! This must be where St. Elmo's "fire" comes from.

Ooops...that makes three times!

St. Elmo...pray for us!!!


Therese said...

Poor girl! Hope she is better soon!

Make sure you get rest too! As always, I am praying!

Tracy said...

Hope she is better soon.. prayers being said:)