Monday, January 26, 2009

Plans for the week

I'm not exactly sure how this post will go. Usually, as long as I keep my "plans" in my head, I tend to follow through with them. However....the minute I put them in writing....I'm doomed! Still, I'm going to give this a go. It's an accountability thing....I think.

So, here goes:

Monday (today): I need to go to my oncologist's office for my next shot of Lupron and to have my portacath flushed. Apparently, I'm supposed to have it flushed every 4 weeks one told me this and it's been almost 8 weeks since it was last used. Clean kitchen. I also have to get two prescriptions filled and get Olivia to and from school. Dinner plans: leftovers (pork roast).

Tuesday: Laundry, however, I don't have much to do thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law!!! Vacuum the house. Change all the bed linens. Grocery shop. Do book report with Amelia. Dinner plans: Tacos.

Wednesday: Go to 8:00am Mass. Check out Used Book Sale at our parish school. Work (walk 1/2 mile at my lunch time). Watch LOST. Dinner plans: Turkey burgers.

Thursday: Go to 8:00am Mass. Work (walk 1/2 mile at my lunch time). Take Nathan to basketball practice at 5:15pm. Do book report with Amelia. Dinner plans: Pancakes and Bacon.

Friday: Go to 8:00am Mass. Work (walk 1/2 mile at my lunch time). Fridays are family night here in our house. We'll pick an "on demand" movie and pop some popcorn. Dinner plans: Pizza.

Saturday: Leisurely morning (that's the plan anyway). Nathan's basketball game at 11:00am.
Library. Clean the bathroom. Confessions sometime between 3 and 4:15. Dinner plans: Pasta Bake with garlic bread and salad.

Sunday: Mass at 10:00am. Family time. Laundry (making sure all school uniforms are washed and ready for tomorrow). Dinner plans: Leftovers or Soup.

It's a pretty light week now that I look at it. The biggest thing for me is the meal planning. If I don't do this and try to make it up as I go along....we usually end up eating a lot less healthy and I'm just irritable and crabby!

There are a few things that I didn't put down...things that for me are part of my normal helping Nathan with his homework, reading aloud to the kids before bed, cleaning up after meals, baths and wiping hineys.

I'd love it if you all would share some of your plans for the week!!!


Chris said...

I love your Thursday meal plans. I used to love when my mom made "breakfast for dinner" as we used to call it. Have a great week!

Carrie said...

I don't usually plan dinners, but open the freezer and grab. Not really a good idea, I suppose.

I will be working most of the week and my husband will be gone most evenings, so Becky and I will just hang out and have fun, I guess. I need to (gulp) pay bills today and clean out my freezer.