Saturday, January 31, 2009

Question About Socks

How do you all deal with socks in your house? I'm not sure why but it has become a monumental problem in my house! It used to be that I would match up socks with each load of laundry. But then, I would find at least a couple of single socks after each load. I'd have to keep them in one place waiting for their matches in subsequent loads. This was very irritating to me.
So, for the last few months, I've had a "sock basket" and after each load, I'd place the clean socks in the basket. I always knew where everybody's socks were. Then, when you needed a clean just went to the basket and got some. It worked ok for awhile. It has now evolved into this huge issue because the "big" people in my house (who shall remain nameless) can't seem to handle this anymore. The same things happen every day....I hear dresser drawers opening...then I hear..."I don't have any clean socks" yelled across the house. Then I yell back, "check the sock basket!". The reply is always the same, "Oh!". What's weird about this is that I think amnesia has set in because these same two "big people" knew exactly where to go to get their socks only a few short weeks ago! Maybe they are experiencing sympathy chemo brain!

I even caught one un-named person wearing the same pair of socks......3 days in a row because walking to the sock basket was too much work!

Please tell me there is a solution to this dilemma! Please tell me that if you have someone with the Y chromosome living in your house, that you have this problem too! Is it universal? Is it natural? Is it me?

How do you deal with the sock problem in your house? Or, do you even have this issue?

P.S......before finishing this post, I found two different color single the bottom of an empty toy box in one Y chromosome's room! Said toys are all over the bedroom floor! Sigh.


scmom (Barbara) said...

I have a drawer where all the extra socks go. When I have an unmatched sock, I look there. If it's not there, then the unmatched sock waits there until I find its mate. Unfortunately the onus is still on me to match the socks.

I have, in the past, used diaper pins to hold the socks together during the wash -- two pair per pin (mostly that was for baby socks). I think I saw something at Danielle Bean's blog a couple months ago about a tool that holds socks together. It may be more expensive than new socks though. Sometimes I make them wear mismatched -- not grossly mismatched, but two different white socks or two different khaki socks are fine (even though they argue with me).

Ambrose said...

We have an overflowing sock basket, but it is from here that Myles can get the socks to play sock basketball!