Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thank you, President Bush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw this on Marie's blog and just had to ask permission to repost it here.

"As President Bush prepares to leave office many in America & around the world are contemplating his legacy and not all in a spirit of fairness. I hope this piece is written in a fair minded manner.
Under the guidance of President Bush America has faced only one terrorist attack and none of us will forget September 11th 2001. It is the defining moment of recent history and the world will now remain before and after 9/11.
Imagine getting up in the morning and reading reports where this or that terrorist group is planning to strike your country. Can any of us imagine the enmormity and responsibility of protecting millions of their fellow country men from harm? President Bush has faced this task every day for eight years.
There are those who criticize the war in Iraq but this faces us with a conundrum(I face this too). We often hear of atrocities and in hindsight we wonder how did Pol Pot manage to murder millions of his own people? How did the Hutu's in Rwanda slaughter millions of their own country men? How did Idi Amin brutalize his own people? How did Saddam Hussein gas and murder the Kurds even little babies?
Because we chose to look the other way. It wasn't happening to us.
You see we speak about peace in the safe confines of our own living rooms as we see these atrocities take place. We say things like, 'this shouldn't happen,' and those 'poor people. Lord look after them.' And then we turn the TV over to watch American Idol or Greys Anatomy.
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
We read the above quote by Edmund Burke and most agree with it but do we understand his meaning? We are the ones doing nothing.
We wept over Cambodia but we did nothing. We prayed for the people in Rwanda while we ran away. We cried as we saw the horror of the Kurdish people and then turned away.
In the end it wasn't happening to us and we didn't care enough to really care about them.
You see, Freedom costs but most of us dont want to know the price.
Every intelligence agency told President Bush that Iraq had weapons of Mass Destruction. What was the President supposed to do, cross his fingers and toes and hope they got it wrong?
Whether you agree with the Presidents decision or not, he acted. He stopped a brutal mass murderer and tyrant and I for one am not going to weep over the loss of Saddam Hussein and his murderous sons.
This time the American President for good or worse did not look the other way. He stopped a mass murderer and he freed a country with the help of his Allies.
Many call the President himself a mass murderer, those who do this then please show us his mass graves? Show the world his hidden rape rooms. Oh that's right, wrong country that was happening in Iraq. President Bush and his Allies helped stop it.
Has President Bush made mistakes ofcourse. The economy for one, he took his eyes off the ball and many Americans and people the world over will be paying a price for his lack of oversight. The buck really does stop at the Presidents desk.
But there are also successes. President Bush banned Post Partial Abortion. Praise God there was a President ready to take on the feminist nazification philosophy of sheer evil, the murder of half born babies.
Who knows how many children that President Bush has saved by banning this evil act, but rest assured God knows.
The President also appointed two Pro-Life Supreme Court Judges once again facing down the Feminazi brigade and those liberal, heretical 'catholic' politicians who don't have the backbone to stand on their beliefs!
As for the Iraqi reporter who threw his shoes at President Bush, he is still alive. Under Saddam Hussein he would now be dead and that is the difference.
Now you may not agree with all of President Bush's policies, but at least give the President some credit where credit is due.
In Africa the President has a popularity level of over 80%. Why? Because once again he is not just standing by. His policies has saved lives, African lives.
In America his popularity is at an all time low at below 30%. Why? Because many 'talk' peace with no teeth. We want to weep for the suffering people without it costing us anything.
So the next time you feel like insulting the President ask yourself this. What have you done today to make the world a safer place and how have you helped the poor?"

Wonderfully said Marie....I thank you for this post!


Tracy said...

Indeed, thank you Mr. President!!

Marie said...

Your most welcome Nancy:) and thank you for linking to me:).

Peace and blessings to you and God bless President Bush and Mrs. Bush:)

Marie xooxoxo

Easter A. said...

Nancy, I am glad you posted it here, too! :-)

Hugs to you!

Michele said...

I LOVE President Bush. I wondered on the night before the inauguration if he just sat and bed and thought, "I'm so glad it's over." I think he deserves a great big hug!