Monday, February 2, 2009

Age appropriate???

On Sunday afternoon Dan and I took the kids to ToysRUs. Trust me...we didn't just do this for the fun of it! Actually, each of them had received a $10 gift certificate for Christmas and they've been begging to use them. Dan took Nathan to the side of the store where all of the alien/pirate/weird stuff action figures live and I took the girls to where the...well..girlie things live.

I was shocked when we passed one aisle and Amelia yells out, "Mommy, mommy....there's Hanna Tanna"!!! Tell me this, how does a 5 year old know about Hannah Montana? I mean, we've never talked about her here at home. It's not that I'm against her at all, it's just that, I wonder how kids these days find out about stuff so early?

I distracted her enough to where she ended up with a puzzle and some Strawberry Shortcake thingy (that actually smells like strawberries by the way!) Here's my question to all of you veteran mothers out there....

Is Hannah Montana appropriate for a 5 year old?? Is she appropriate for any age group? What is she all about? I think I heard that her father is a country singer? Is that right?


Sarah (JOT) said...

Hannah Montana is the character name of Miley Sirus - the country singer/performer Billy Ray.

My girl is 13 and enjoys some of her music and liked her show - up to a point (when Miley's character was allowed to date).

We teach courting to our kids - as best we can. No "dating" exclusively and never w/out a chaperone.

Is she good for 5 year olds? NOPE. No way. By the time you wee girl is "old enough" Hannah will be long gone (God, I hope!).

Mrs. B said...

i just had a similar conversation with a girlfriend of mine. She wants her kids to be the age that they are and not let them grow up to fast. she doesn't allow her watch fighting cartoons or most disney channel stuff.

her daughter is 7 yrs old and doesn't allow her to watch Hannah Montana. She told her daughter that Miley doesn't make good choices and she wants her daughter to have good role models.
my friend's daughter is totally ok with not having Hannah Montana in her life.

green mom for Jesus said...

I say that Hannah Montana is not terrible, but certainly not the suitable for a 5-year old.
The question I ask myself and always ask my kids to ask themselves is this - is there a better choice I can make for God and myself?
We only have so much time each day, so why not fill it with things that will make us into the best versions of ourselves (a Matthew Kelly line).
The same thing goes for High School Musical - it's not really that bad, but it's about HIGH SCHOOL. That means it's not for kids in elementary school!!

Believe me, my daughter knows who some of the pop icon people are but she has never ever watched shows with them on it. Knowing comes from friends, the grocery store -where these icons are plastered everywhere.
Pray for protection of our children's eyes and minds before we head out our doors.

Anonymous said...

I do not like this character because she does not represent values which I find important.

Nancy said...

Thank you to everybody that posted a comment here!!! This is helpful information! It's good to know that my "mommy instinct" has some validity to it!