Thursday, February 26, 2009


The power cord for my laptop died last week. It was no longer usable.....made crackling sounds and was sparking! I was afraid I would be electrocuted! Anyway, I have been using Dan's laptop since then. It's hard to use someone elses computer.....but, behold....the new cord came today so I am back up and running! If I have neglected, comments, Facebook, etc....I apologize. I'll get to everything!

I'm feeling much better since the staples have been removed. I can move around easier. I know the incision is healing because it really itches. I still don't have much of an appetite, but hey, that can't be all bad....I might lose a few pounds! I still can't drive for about another week. Dan has taken really good care of me. Especially since he has to put up with my changing hormones!

We have a spectacular Parish Mission next week! I will share it with you in my next post.

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Anonymous said...

Our blessings to your family. We happened to watch our wedding video a few weeks ago and saw you! I then dug up your Christmas note. You are in our prayers and you are an inspiration. Joy, Susie and John Van Hoomissen