Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our journey begins

Although I am not as ready and prepared as I should be...I've managed to put a few things together for our family so that we can begin this Lenten season with a goal. Unfortunately, none of what I've done was my idea. Dawn from By Sun and Candlelight has been one of my most favorite Catholic blogging moms of all time! She was my inspiration for starting my own blog!

What I decided to do is similar to her Lenten post here. Please take a look at all of her Lenten ideas! I've taken major shortcuts but it was the simplest thing I could come up with that will still have significant meaning for our family. Here's what I did....

I had some purple index cards hanging around...so I cut them in half (trying to be more resourceful!)

I marked each index card with the dates for Lent (obviously beginning with Ash Wednesday). We received a Lenten Calendar in our bulletin this past weekend. I thought this would be a good way to get good use of that. On the back of each index card, I wrote down a different Lenten activity or sacrifice. Here is a more up close picture of what some of the calendar had to offer.

Since my children are only 8, 5 and 3...some of these had to be "toned down" to their level of understanding. These are very simple things that we can do individually or as a family to help prepare us for Good Friday...and eventually....Easter!

I found a piece of purple fabric that I had on hand for a Christmas project from 2 years ago. I used a small strip of it and after poking holes in the cards...strung them in chronological order...beginning with Ash Wednesday.

I am rarely able to use a table that the kids can reach just simply because, if they can reach it....then it probably won't last long. However, I'm going to trust them this year (please pray for us!)! I used that purple fabric for a table cloth and also used a crucifix that Nathan made at school a few years ago out of clothes pins. The only other thing on the table is our rosaries. I used a tack to hang up our daily devotionals. Each day, we'll tear one off (carefully!) read and spend the day thinking about it or doing it!I hope the simplicity of it will make it all doable and memorable for the kids.

For the last several years, we've been doing a children's stations of the cross outside in our backyard every Friday. The kids take turns holding the cross as we move along the fence where we have taped up the station meditations. Occasionally, another family will join us and then we have a simple meal.

I'm interested to see what your plans are. Please share!


Bird, Frizzy and Our Little Yaya said...

Growing up my family didn't do anything but attend church and say Grace at the dining room table. I love learning what other families such as yours do to observe such important holidays.

Michele said...

What a great idea!

Marie said...

What a wonderful idea thanks Cathy for sharing it:).

Wishing you a Sacred and Holy Lent:)

marie xooxoxoxo

Marie said...

Ps: Sorry about the name mix up, Nancy. Ever have one of those weeks? Well it seems to be my turn this week lol.

peace to you:)

Marie xooxoxo

Anonymous said...

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