Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our trip to the Diamond D Ranch.

These were wild Florida piglets...we weren't allowed to get near them because....they bite! But they were so cute. This picture doesn't do them justice...they were teeny, tiny!

We were allowed to feed the cows on our hay ride. Have I mentioned how smelly cows are?

This is Nathan standing next to Larry the Llama! This picture was taken especially for Aunt Cindy!!

Dan and his mom....the best mother in law in the world.!

Nathan on the hay ride.

My beautiful little Olivia.

At one point, we were surrounded by cows.

Pinata time!

Olivia in the Jumpy House!

The pony's name was "Miracle"

This was "Brutus" and "Miracle"

This was Nathan's favorite part of the day...riding "Chocolate". Actually, Chocolate was "for sale". He begged and he begged for us to buy Chocolate! We, of course, did not give in!

Amelia is riding "Ducky"

After a couple of times around....she was done and wanted off!

Yes...his new special friend.

This is Maddie...the birthday girl!!

Terrible picture of Amelia!

I kid you not, this place was incredible. There was just acres and acres of land! The kids loved playing in this little forest of pine trees. They played hide and go seek! My only prayer was that no one ended up smacking right into a tree while running! We had no first aid issues this day! However, there were two pediatricians at the party.

Olivia was really good at horseshoes....especially standing this close!
We had a wonderful day! We will visit here again. There is just so much for the kids to do and see! The staff was incredibly kind and helpful. They looked and sounded like "real" cowboys and cowgirls. Apparently, this is very impressive to 3, 5 and 8 year olds!


Tracy said...

Looks like a really fun time was had, what nice pictures... thank you for sharing them:)

Bird, Frizzy and Yaya said...

What a fun day!