Saturday, March 21, 2009

What a week!

Last week was one of those weeks! You know the kind...where so much is going on that you aren't really sure what day it is. Here is the shake down:

1. First of all, about 10 days ago, I finally took the girls to the pediatrician. They both had fevers at one time or another that week and they both had developed a yukky cough. This cough seemed different to me and so, I wanted to have it checked out. Well, sure enough, it was bronchitis. Amelia had it worse than Olivia...but they were both prescribed antibiotics. When Amelia was 7 weeks old, she had a case of RSV and so whenever her chest becomes congested, I feel a lot better having it checked out. In this case, my "mama's intuition" was correct. They are both on the mend.

2. Last Sunday, Nathan woke up about 4am throwing up. Lovely!! I had really hoped we would finally be over these winter sicknesses! He threw up a couple of times but by noon, he was asking for food! At first, I only gave him toast to see how he kept it down...but by dinner time, he was HUNGRY! So, I made pancakes for dinner. He ate well and was feeling fine. I sent him to school on Monday.

3. Monday and Tuesday everybody was doing great. I had an appointment with the oncologist. I don't have to see him for 3 months! I will see him every three months for two years. Then I will graduate to every 4 months for 2 years....then every 6 months for two years...and then finally... once per year! For now, I don't see him until June so I've got three whole months where I don't need to think about cancer at all! It almost seems like a vacation! I'm so happy! Wednesday morning, Nathan woke up feeling sick again and threw up! Sigh....I kept him home from school. Again, he only threw up once and was asking for food by noon. This time...he got crackers and toast ONLY. He was fine by Thursday so he went to school.

4. Friday was the follow up appointment for the girls. They had completed their course of antibiotics and so the doctor wanted to listen to their lungs again. Amelia was totally fine, however, she said that Olivia had fluid in her ears and her chest was still rattling. She also had tons of gunk in her nose. The doctor said it was all part of the same infection (fluid in the lungs, nose and ears) so she prescribed a antihistamine to help with the extra mucous. Everybody was FINE!! Dan and I took the kids to the Knights of Columbus Friday Fish Fry for dinner. The kids are not big on the fried fish but they love the mac & cheese, cheese grits and hush puppies!! Their were other kids from church/school there, so they were more interested in playing than eating. Amelia complained of an ear ache though! I thought this was strange because the MD said that Olivia was the one with the fluid! Hmmm...interesting. make a long story short....Amelia came home complaining of her stomach....and then, of course, threw up! Sigh....
She only threw up the one time and tossed and turned most of the night. Dan had vomit duty as I had done it with was his turn.

5. This morning, we had a special birthday party to go to. It was held for the daughter of some very good friends. They had it at a place called Diamond D. Ranch. They had horseback riding, a petting zoo, and a great hay ride! I though that maybe I should stay home with Amelia. After all, I really didn't want her throwing up at the birthday party! But, she pitched a total FIT about the idea of her not going. You know, as a have to pick your battles! I chose not to fight this one. I packed a change of clothes for she and Olivia (I'm sure Olivia will be next with the vomiting), a bucket, paper towels and wipes. I figured I was covered if anybody decide to do the technicolor yawn in the car!

6. Everything went great! The party was so much fun! What a wonderful place for a party!! I will post some pictures some time this next week of our adventure today. The kids loved the horses and loved our hay ride and the petting zoo! Dan's mom went with us and I have to say it was one of the nicest days I've had in the last 9 months! I felt good and it was so great to be outside in the sun and the fresh air! The kids laughed and played (they didn't fight!!) and Dan & I were very laid back and just let them play without knit-picking every aspect of their behavior.

7. Tonight when we got home...they played outside some more, came in for a soup dinner, got into their jammies (sorry, I didn't feel like doing the bath thing tonight) and were in bed by 8:30pm. Dan and I watched Twilight tonight on Comcast On Demand and it was such a peaceful day. I was also able to watch some of the Pope's visit to Angola on EWTN while the soup was heating up. This was just one of those perfect days where you really couldn't have had it any better.

One of the other bad things that happened this week was that I forgot one of my best friend's birthday! **Cindy....I am so sorry! It isn't that I totally forgot...I new it was this week....I just got confused and thought the 19th was on Friday! I know it sounds like an excuse...but that's the truth, just ask Dan****

I also spent some time out on the 40 Days for Life site in front of the Planned Parenthood. What an experience. I didn't realize that at this particular PPH, they do abortions on Friday mornings. My time is Friday's from 7-8am. They have escorts out there for these women. It's a hard thing to these women getting ready to have an abortion. They ALL walk in with their heads down. Some don't look like they really want to be there. I wish I could personally talk to all of offer them other real choices.

Posts for this next week will include pictures from our Diamond D Ranch birthday party and the Stations of the Cross that we did at our Altar Rosary Society meeting, as well as a visit we have planned for tomorrow from some great friends from Minnesota!!


Bird, Frizzy and Our Little Yaya said...

Wow! What a week for sure! I'm tired just reading it. As for making pasta at home. I too was scared to try it on my own that's why I wanted to take the class. We were all in the same boat and it was really fun! YOU SHOULD DO IT!

Michele said...

WOW Nancy! You have had quite a week. Bless your heart. I am so glad though it ended with such a glorious day . . . and everyone feeling better!

Therese said...

Busy week! Remember to still get rest! You are still healing after all! Good news about not seeing the onc. for 3 months! You are on your way!!!

Kim said...

What a week! I hope no one else gets sick and that Olivia continues to heal and clear up. Congratulations on graduating to seeing the oncologist every 3 months now! That must be a relief as it is a sign you are doing well. I'm so glad yesterday was such a wonderful day. You deserve it!

aspiring f.o.o.L. said...

I napped after reading your post. :)

I am celebrating your recovery and new doctor-ing schedule. ! God be praised, as Easter A. would say.
I will pray on behalf of your 'babies' and their tummies, too. Enough is enough! :)

Nancy, thank you very much (you know why...) :)

Tracy said...

oh my, yes.. what a week!!
I'm coming up this week on something like that.. I have something going on today thru Thursday...God give me the Grace to get it all done:)