Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter Monday.... all of you! We had a very special Holy Week! We were able to watch the movie Jesus of Nazareth. It took us several days to get through (it is very long) but the kids really enjoyed it. It was really nice to be able to watch the events of Holy Week played out in a realistic way...I think it really helped the kids to visualize somewhat the sufferings of Christ. Dan and I watched The Passion of the Christ on Good Friday. Although this movie is very hard to watch, it is a good way to prepare spiritually for understanding how important His sacrifice was (and is) in order for us to be able to spend eternity in heaven. It was very humbling and it was hard to get through.

My very good friend, Kathy, is visiting this week from California! She arrived on Holy Saturday and she will be here until Thursday. I'm so thankful that she has been able to share this Easter with us! Kathy and I have been friends for about 30 years! We have been through a lot together! This is one of those "forever" friendships that you totally don't expect but soon come to realize are a part of each other.

Nathan and Amelia are on Easter vacation this week...but Olivia isn't. This will be an interesting vacation week...especially since I return to work this Wednesday! I really have been able to recover from my last surgery enough where I am mentally ready to go back to work. When I had my mastectomy....I think I went back to work too soon and so I was not physically ready for chemo. Chemo kicks your butt! However, this time, I have had some good rest and I think I am physically and mentally ready.

The stress here over what to do with the kids for next school year is still quite intense. We don't have many options....remain where they are, home school or send them to public school. Any of these choices are dependent upon job situations and medical insurance options. Our hands are somewhat tied but I know in the will work out for the best. I am asking St. Joseph to help us here!!

I look forward to getting back into the swing of blogging. I've missed it but I was grateful for the time to clear my mind and think. Facebook does not quite hold the lure for me that it once did....but I think that is a good thing. Our family is still doing the 40 day preparation for Family Consecration to Jesus, through Mary in union with St. Joseph. I think the kids are enjoying it too. Spiritually, it is something that we needed to do as a family...but like anything else....when you do things to bring yourself closer to Christ...the enemy tries to weigh in. I try to be prepared for this...but sometimes, it takes you off guard. I will not allow my feathers to be ruffled by the distractions that will most surely come our way. I have resolved that when (not if) the distractions begin to come, I will just pray harder and call to mind The One who wins in the end!


Therese said...

We will continue praying as you figure out the school situation! Glad to see you back! Miss you!

Chris said...

Hi Nancy
Glad to see you're back. I hope the blogging fast gave you some time to sort some things out.
Happy Easter!

aspiring f.o.o.L. said...

You sound WELL! God be praised. How different it will be for you to return to work - enjoy yourself! You remain in my prayer. God bless you... and may you bless Him in return... always.

Judy said...

May God show you His will for your children's education. (I personally hope you give home schooling a try if that is to the glory of GOD for you )!!

Since I'm just getting to know you, I've only just gathered from your post that you have suffered with cancer? I pray for your complete healing and thank God for being with you in your suffering!