Sunday, April 19, 2009

Official Definitions...

Hot Flash (n): a sudden brief flushing of heat caused by dilation of skin capillaries usually associated with menopausal endocrine imbalance----called also hot flush.

Night Sweats (n): profuse sweating during the sleep that is sometimes a symptom of febrile disease.

Short Fuse (n): a tendency to get angry easily; quick temper.

Swell (v): to expand (as in volume, size or numbers) gradually beyond a normal or original limit; to become distended or puffed up; to form a bulge or rounded elevation.

Emotional (adj): markedly aroused or agitated in feeling or sensibilities.

Temperamental (adj): marked by excessive sensitivity and impulsive mood changes; unpredictable in behavior or performance.

Why yes! This does describe me perfectly! Just ask my family....on second thought....don't!!


I'm Judy! said...

Oh you poor dear!
God bless you as you try to keep your head above those swiftly-changing, turbulent, mysterious waters!!! (and God bless your FAMILY too, LOL)

scmom (Barbara) said...

So sorry for all these unpleasant issues. Have you spoken to a dietitian -- maybe your insurance would cover it? I know that there must be some natural ways to deal with all that (although hopefully you've been told to stay away from soy which some people would say you should use for menopausal symptoms). Praying for you guys.

Pray the rosary!

Sarah (JOT) said...

Ah, dear, you have my prayers.