Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My daughters!!

I would consider this blog rated G, wouldn't you? The reason I ask is because sometimes, things happen in this household that truly warrant repeating but I hesitate.....because of my "family" rating! With that in mind, I have two stories to rated G (or E for everyone) and the other is rated PG (not for everyone). Decide which one you are and read accordingly!


Since Dan had to work tonight and I hadn't really planned much for dinner, I asked the kids to choose between pancakes, cereal or peanut butter & Fluff sandwiches. They all chose peanut butter & Fluff (as I thought they would). I added some applesauce to the meal so at least it had the appearance of being healthy. Nathan and Amelia ate really well tonight! Olivia, on the other hand....wouldn't eat hardly anything! I was finally able to persuade her to eat the sandwich but she would have NOTHING to do with the applesauce. She normally loves applesauce so I finally had to ask her why she wouldn't eat it. She responded with tears, "Mom, I didn't order any applesauce tonight"!

Moral of the story....."Moms really are short-order cooks"!


While the girls were taking a bath....I had Amelia lie down so I could rinse her hair. When she did, she shouted out (loudly)...."Ouch, my nuts"!! Trying to reign in my shock at her outburst.....I asked her what the heck she was talking about! She explained that when she had moved to lay down like I asked her to, she had sat on her Dora the Explorer bath toy and it had pinched her on her bottom.....near her nuts!

Moral of the story...."Moms should really just stick to short-order cooking and don't ask too many questions that they really don't want the answers to"!


Anne said...

So cute!

Therese said...

Those are both HILARIOUS!!! Kids really do say the darndest things!

Frizzy said...

Loved both of their comments! Too funny! My daughter exclaimed to my husband, "Daddy, where are my nuts? I lost my nuts!" He and I had a very hard time keeping ourselves from laughing.

I wanted to ask you something. As you may know, I'll be in Rome the middle of June. Are there any prayers you would like me to say or candles you would like me to light at St. Peter's in your honor or someone elses? Let me know. We leave Tuesday and I won't be checking my blog or email after that.

scmom (Barbara) said...

And that is the problem with big brothers!!

Sarah said...

Hilarious! The things kids say, yeah?