Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nathan's Day in Pictures!

Here are a few more pictures of Nathan's special day!

Acting silly before leaving for church!

Nathan with his sisters.

Nathan and Amelia really need haircuts!

Nathan and his good friend Rachel!

Nathan and his friend Pheobe.

Nathan, Emily and Rachel.

Nathan, Colin and Kate.

Well, you can tell that I'm not a professional photographer!

Such a handsome little man!
Oops! I forgot to "get the red out". I didn't edit any of these photos.

Something on the lens here.....I shouldn't be allowed to carry the camera!!!!

Nathan with his wonderful Godparents...Walt and Margie Meier! It seems like just yesterday we were having him baptized! Where did the last eight years go???

Nathan and Grandma.

Nathan with Sister Clare. Our church and school are so blessed to have the presence of these wonderful women who have given their lives to our Lord. They are an order called, Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother. What a witness it is to the young kids to see the nuns walking around in habits again! They have made a huge influence on the lives of the kids in our school! If it were 25 years earlier, this would be the order I would consider. Check out the link if you're interested.


Therese said...

What great pictures!!!

Aussie Therese said...

love the pictures Nancy.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures! Congratulations to Nathan. He is adorable.

Frizzy said...

What a handsome young man. Congratulations little one! This was a very special day for you!

aspiring f.o.o.L. said...

Nancy, this occurred to me when I read Frizzy's comment, "Nathan... This was a very special day for you!"

His First Holy Communion was also a very special day for our Lord, too!

molly said...

Congratulations to Nathan!!!! Handsome indeed!

Lerin said...

Congratulations!! My oldest makes her First Communion next year too. How exciting for the whole family. :)