Monday, May 18, 2009

What's up this week.

1. Nathan finished his report on alligators last night. This is actually the reason we went to the Alligator Farm on Saturday. We wanted to get some good pictures of Nathan with the gators. His report turned out really nice. Daddy guided him really well. There was no fighting, no raised voices and he didn't get sent to his room at all! This is progress, my friends....progress!

2. Olivia has just two more days of and Wednesday! This is bittersweet as we will be leaving Wilma's Little People School (Jacksonville University) and heading to Assumption with Nathan and Amelia. WLPS has been a very special place for our kids. I will miss it! However, it will be easier to have all 3 of them in the same place. Wednesday is her "end of the year" party. Dan signed us up to bring finger sandwiches....actually...he signed me up to bring finger sandwiches.

3. There is an interesting little quiz going around on Facebook called "How well do you know ????". The way it works is you set up questions for your friends to's all multiple choice. I can't believe that some very close friends did TERRIBLE on this quiz!!!
There are actually some blogging friends who did better or as well as those I've known for 25 years or so!! I realize that I've been in Jacksonville for almost 13 years all my friends from my life in California have not seen me in many years....but still! After all, one of them was my house mate for several years....and the other...well let's just say that I could have married him. I guess I've changed in 13 years....I consider that a good thing!

4. The religious order that is associated with our school (Servant Sisters (& Brothers) of the Home of the Mother) is sponsoring a retreat for boys ages 8-24 in July. As soon as Nathan heard about it, he wanted to go! This seemed strange to me since he has never really been away from home. This would be a 6 day retreat in the Smokey Mountains of North Georgia. I was really surprised that he was so interested. One of the concerns I had was that the age range seemed so large! However, after talking with Sister Clare, she assured me that there would be plenty of boys Nathan's age attending. We mulled this over for several weeks and finally filled out the paperwork and sent in the money this morning. I'm still nervous about it....but if he has a vocation to the priesthood...I want to help foster that...not stifle it. I ask for your prayers for Nathan regarding this boys retreat. Also....pray for his mother....that she can feel comfortable by letting go a teeny, tiny bit!!

5. Nathan and Amelia only have 9 days left of school. I should be happy about this but I don't think I'm prepared yet to have all three of them home at one after day. So, being the homeschooling wannabe that I am.....I will map out a tentative calendar for us for the summer. I want to try to plan outings, crafts and adventures so that they aren't sitting in front of the tv all summer! We have the Zoo, several museums, the alligator farm, The Shrine and lots of things to do in St. Augustine. We have a water park and of course....the Atlantic Ocean close by. I will let you know what are plans are....once I plan them!

6. We are still basking in the glow of Nathan's First Holy Communion. Each time I pass the entertainment center....I stop and read all of the cards he received. I sure wish I remembered more of that time in my life...when I received the Lord for the first time. Sadly, it is all a blur.
Anyway...our first order of business tonight is to have Nathan write some thank you notes!
This could be a long night.

Have a wonderful day everybody...and a blessed week!


Tracy said...

wow, so much going on at your house.. the gator pics.. I'm so looking forward to seeing those.. hope you post some.. sounds exciting!!

Lerin said...

I often feel my long-term bloggy friends definitely know me better than my real-life ones! ;)

Elizabeth said...

oh, thank yous...i'd better get on that, too! OOPS. Yup, homeschooling does require that you don't mnd having all of your kids home...all the time! I'm glad that we started from birth, I never got used to having them out of the house!
Have a great summer...we have a ton of work to finish before we can "relax" some... :(

Allison said...

Aw, I remember when I first went away from home for an extended period of time to camp! If there's one place that your son will be in good hands, it is at a retreat!

Frizzy said...

I am dreading the end of our Bible Study at the church too. It's one morning I don't have to think about projects for Yaya. Gotta find some things to occupy our time so we don't go stir crazy. Any ideas you have and share will be highly appreciated. I tried looking for a strawberry patch to go pick strawberries but there are NONE in the area. What's up with that? WE're in California for crying out loud.