Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Home Improvement

Have you ever watched "Weekend Warriors" on HGTV? Can I just say that after careful consideration of the claims mentioned in that show......it's a FARCE!! I say this from personal experience! Let me explain...

Dan and Nathan left for a two day trip to Disney on Sunday afternoon. This gave me the idea (and opportunity) to paint the girls' room and get rid of a few things. I bought all my supplies (paint, brushes, pans, sandpaper, tape, etc...) on Sunday night and woke up ready on Monday morning! NEVER take on a project like this when you are home with two girls 5 and under!!! Trust me on this one. My thought was to have the girls play outside in the back yard while I painted their room. Mother Nature had other plans....it poured all day long. So, by lunchtime, I had the holes filled and sanded as well as all the trim taped off. Finally, at about 1:00pm...I began to actually paint! I chose two colors to alternate walls. This took waaaay more time than I thought. By dinner time, I had only two walls painted.

After dinner, I sanded and painted the girls dresser. Phew!! I was achy and sore! During this entire day of painting....the girls were whiny and were constantly getting into things. This was NOT one of my better parenting days. At one point, Amelia and Olivia were standing on one of their plastic chairs...and then they both fell. Olivia was fine but Amelia (in her normal dramatic self) milked it for all that it was worth. To tell you the truth....I had no sympathy at all.

I got up this early this morning and I've done all the edging for the second two walls. Now, all I have to do is to roll them. Unfortunately, these are such pale colors that they truly need a second coat....but they AIN'T GETTING ONE!!! So there!

I still have to go to Home Depot for some drawer pulls...and grocery shopping (we have bare cupboards here!). I need to take all the tape down and put the girls room back together...all before the boys get home tonight. I'm exhausted!

To reiterate.....those people who do complete home renovations in a weekend are pretty much lying! It can't be done....at least all by yourself!



Therese said...

WOW! What a project...please post pictures when you're done!

Elizabeth said...

Ah, yes...the operative phrase is "not by yourself"...or when you need to keep an eye on children!
But, yes, please, post photos!

Aussie Therese said...

wow. That is great that you took on such a huge project by yourself.

My husband takes on projects like that and he is good. He wouldn't get it done in a weekend though.

~ Judy ~ said...

Awww...you are SUCH a sweet wife and mommy to TRY though, Nancy!

I surprised my husband by painting our tiny little bathroom while he was away one weekend...it took my friend and I, painting ALLLLLL day while our older sons kept eight kids captive outside of my bedroom for us...and we had to throw in some videos and pizza too...I remember thinking, "I sure hope he likes this because I never want to do this again"!!!

You have my permission to take a big nap on your desk at work tomorrow! LOL

Home Improvement said...

Nice job!:D
Well,of course you need a person to keep an eye for the children if no it will comes to worst!
Maybe you can do it with someone look after for your children,good luck on the next project!
Don't forget to post your pictures :D

Anonymous said...

Painting seems to take me forever! All those decorating shows/magazines make it seem like an easy project, but it don't think it is. I've been wanting to paint our living/dining room for years and just can't get up the nerve. If we had the money, I'd happily hire someone to do it!