Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer adventures to the ER!

Well, that didn't take long! The last day of school was Friday and I've already been to the emergency room!

Apparently, Nathan scratched a pimple or bump of some kind on his thigh (near his knee) and it became infected. I noticed about a week ago that it was bleeding. We put some antibiotic cream on it and then covered it with a band aid. Well, by was gross. It had turned black and had a red ring of cellulitis all around it. He said that it hurt really bad all the way up his leg to his groin area. This had ALERT/WARNING written all over it. I thought about waiting until Monday to have it looked at, but I just had a bad feeling about it.
It was a good thing too because the ER doctor said we had about another 24 hours before he would have needed IV antibiotics!

The ER doctor cleaned the "wound" out really well, put another band aid on it and gave him an oral dose of antibiotics...then sent us home with instructions to have him keep it covered, use warm compresses and keep his leg elevated until we see our regular doctor on Monday....for which we have an appointment in 50 minutes!

The first thing I did when we got home from the hospital on Saturday was to cut those nasty, dirty fingernails of his..(boys are just gross)! Keeping him on the couch has been a challenge! I've had to endure endless episodes of Ben 10: Alien Force. I've watched two Harry Potter movies and one Indiana Jones. We played checkers, UNO and prayed a rosary.

Hopefully, this is not a trend for the rest of the summer!!


Chris said...

I will keep Nathan in prayer. No boy wants to be laid up on the couch in the summer!
Hey, don't think of this as a trend.. .just be glad you got the ER over with early and now you can enjoy the rest of the summer!

Therese said...

Oh Nancy! What a way to start the summer! I agree with Chris, though, now say you are done with the ER for summer! Nathan is in my prayers!