Thursday, June 18, 2009

Update post

I just wanted to give everybody a quick update on the happenings in our house over the last two days.....

1. Well, Olivia did indeed have the stomach flu and Amelia was not far behind her. Both girls were pretty sick yesterday morning but by the time I got home from work, they had much more energy and were hungry! I made chicken noodle soup for dinner with Ritz crackers. Everybody ate well and everyone managed to keep everything down! All three of the kids spent the day with Dan's sister today. They seemed to have tons of energy (as usual) and were bouncing off of the walls when I got there. I'm waiting for the ball to drop for Nathan! Keep your fingers crossed!

2. I had an appointment with my oncologist yesterday. I have been very anxious about this appointment for some time. My stomach was doing flip-flops yesterday morning too and I wasn't sure if it was because of my upcoming appointment or because I'd held the bucket for Olivia all morning! Anyway, the first thing that came out of the doctor's mouth was "Oh my gosh your hair has come back so curly"! It really has! It looks as though I've spent tons of money on a perm! He has warned me though that I am not to cut it or dye it until it is at least 2 inches long (which it is not, yet) or my hair could be permanently damaged.

In order to save you from all the boring details about the appointment, I'll just say that I have an appointment for a mammogram on July 21st! This will be my first since the diagnosis last year.

Then, as long as everything comes out fine for that, I don't have to see him again until September. At that time, he will schedule me for a PET Scan which I will have in December. If I can pass both tests cancer free.....I will have reduced my risk of a recurrence by 50%! Apparently, those statistics are based on the particular type/grade of cancer I had and the particular type of treatment. Most recurrences happen within the first 3 years.

I'm just going to take one test at a time. I can't say I'm not going to worry about it because...I know I will.

All I can do is just ask for your prayers on July 21st and put it all in God's hands!

3. Lastly, today is my Mother-in-Law's birthday!!! She turns 81 today!!

Happy Birthday, Nancy! And may you have many, many more!


Therese said...

So glad everyone is feeling better! You know I am praying for good results! FYI-Lydia starts radiation on the 29th.

Sarah said...

Prayers being said!

Aussie Therese said...

I am also glad the children recovered so quickly from the flu. I will be praying that Nathan doesn't get it and for you on the 21st.

~ Judy ~ said...

Count on prayers!
And Happy Birthday to your MIL...what a joyful woman she looks like! I saw her picture and thought "Boy, I'd love to sit and have a chat with that woman!"

Hope the kiddos feel better soon!