Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Morning Devotion

During some devotion time this morning, I came across this passage and wanted to share it....

One must do everything with Mary. That is we must try to imitate, in our own human way, all the virtues--the perfection--the Holy Spirit fashioned in her.
We must, in each action, consider how Mary did this or that, or how she would do it in our circumstances. Hence, we must examine the virtues she practiced, and meditate on them. Particularly we must concern ourself with her lively faith, which made her believe the words of the angel, without the least hesitation; with her deep humility, which made her hide herself, be silent, submit to everything, and put herself in the last place; and with her truly divine purity which never had its equal and never will this side of heaven!
Here I must cry out again that Mary is the unique mold of God, most suitable to produce living images of God at little cost and in little time! A soul who has found this mold, and loses himself in it, is soon transformed into Jesus Christ, Whom this mold perfectly represents.

--True Devotion to Mary by St. Louis de Monfort, Chapter XVI

How often do I hesitate? How often do I question God? How often do I try to wrestle my will into God's will? This spiritual reading will make for some very interesting reflection today and a very interesting examination of conscience before bed!!!

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