Thursday, July 30, 2009

This and that!

  • I played Bunco for the first time tonight! For whatever reason, I've always been intimidated by that game. It was so much fun! I filled in for somebody who was unable to make the game. I ended up winning $22 and I won the door prize (Coconut Body Wash and Lotion)! I'll definitely play again!
  • Only about 22 hours until Nathan comes home! I miss him so much! I pray that he had a wonderful time and that that Our Lord touched him in a special way.
  • Sometimes, I can fly off the handle so quick! I need to show more self control! I received an email today that really rubbed me the wrong way. I spouted off an email back too soon. I should have waited until I cooled off. Is it possile to get kicked out of a parish??? If so, I could be in trouble.
  • I'm not sure what all the fuss is about with Twitter. I've signed up, but I'm not impressed. I'm happy with Facebook and my blog. Plus, between work and home, I have too many passwords to remember!
  • I started yet another novena to St. Joseph on Sunday...and then I promptly fell asleep last night and missed Day 4. Can I just do the prayer twice tonight or do I have to start all over? Sigh....
  • I've been watching some old episodes of Mother Angelica Live on Youtube while I'm at work! I enjoy listening to her so much. Today, she talked about Purgatory. I may be spending more time there than I thought (see bullet point #3). She is somebody that I wish I knew personally.
  • Have any of you read the Obamacare bill? You should. It's very eye opening. All I can say is that if you are old or have a serious could be in for some surprises. Please call your representatives. Don't just sit by and let this happen. Do something!
  • I have a headache. I'm going to bed.


~ Judy ~ said...

Sorry you have a headache...glad Nathan's coming home soon!
And I KNEW we were kindred spirits!
I LOVE M. Angelica!!! I knew I loved her the first time I saw her on national tv pulling a tissue out of the sleeve of her habit to blow her nose during an interview!!! My mother ALWAYS made us keep a tissue up our sleeve when we were kids!
Anyway...I'll save you a seat in Purgatory...I was telling my confessor about my "mouth" trouble tonight...and he said I need to meditate on the twelve stations which I thought TWELVE?
And he said, "the twelve that came BEFORE he died...they are FULL of patience"....WOW! He also said I need to try to "respond" not "react".
Love ya Nancy!

Frizzy said...

I'm not sure you're going to be able to sleep with all that you have on your mind. LOL! Not too thrilled at all with the Obamacare Bill. NOT AT ALL!

Anne said...

Oh Nancy, it sounds like my day exactly! Only not my parish, but my sister. We've been sparring through email for some time about religion. She's not Catholic. Just yesterday I received an email from her that rubbed me the wrong way and I was too quick on the send button with a curt response. Although I sent an apology later, I think the damage is done. I'm grateful that I will be going to confession tonite.

I like bunco too, I fill in on occasion as well. It's a fun way to mindlessly share small talk with lots of girls and have a night out!

Therese said...

Nancy-sounds like an up and down week! I can so relate. I think we all have sent that email and then regretted it. When I spoke to Father about my impatience, he told me to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Perhaps it would help? Hugs and prayers!

Mary333 said...

What, may I ask is bunko? Yes, I am from Cow Hampshire, but surely, even here, I should have heard of this. Hmm, maybe I am just a little bonko for not having heard of this? And, yes, I seriously do not know what this is.