Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back to School!

Well, today I have a 3rd Grader, a Kindergartner and a Preschooler! I'm so proud!
Here are a few pictures from this morning. I must have had the flash turned off for most of these...that's why they look a little "yellow".

Olivia has her preschool orientation tomorrow. She was very upset that she didn't get to wear her uniform today, so, I improvised and let her wear a school PE shirt that's too small for Nathan or Amelia. This made her very happy! (She's pretty easy to please).

I was afraid Amelia might get teary-eyed, but she didn't. She was a real trooper! Come Monday morning, all three of them will be in school for the entire day! This seems so weird. I'll be changing my work schedule from 3 eight hour days to 4 six hour days. I don't know how I'm going to get anything done at home. Dan has two courses (Monday and Tuesday nights) that start the last week in August and we signed up Nathan and Amelia for soccer. Practices will be on Wednesday afternoons and the games will be Saturdays starting in early October! In addition, I will be starting a Little Flowers Girls Club for the Kindergarten in the next few weeks, getting back to Weight Watchers and attending a Women's Spiritual Study. Phew! I see a very busy Fall and holiday season.

My guess is that the dust bunnies in my house are jumping for joy!


Mary333 said...

The pictures are adorable! School starts early there. My daughter doesn't start for a couple more weeks.Good luck keeping up with everything!

Tracy said...

Such a blessing.. Nancy, your children are just lovely!!

Easter A. said...

What happy, happy faces!!!

Nancy, just in case you haven't read my response... I'd like you to know that you are welcome to use any of my flower pics on my blog. If you'd include my link, I'd appreciate it, too. Mahalo!

Many, many wonderful blessings to you!

Mary Ann said...

You save these, and on the first day of Amelias' and Olivia'a senior year take another.. It becomes a true treasure. They are beautiful children.

Jessica of Faustina Farm said...

They look so cute! Paul and Lucas talk about Nathan often and really like that you have a blog too. Paul is hoping that by next year Nathan will want to try camp again.

Aussie Therese said...

they are all gorgeous Nancy.

I hope everything goes smoothly with your change in routine.