Monday, August 10, 2009

Do you have what it takes?

Do you have what it takes to become a U.S. citizen? If you want to become a U.S. citizen, you are required to take a civics test as part of the process. Apparently, there are about 100 sample questions that prospective citizens can study. Here is the link for the test..

Incidentally, these questions are asked orally by an INS officer, so the candidates are not offered multiple choice. I got 80% correct. What is your score????


Allison said...

Haha! I got 70%. I would have done better, but man, that one question about who selects Supreme Court Justices is tricky. I mean technically I was correct when I said the Senate.

Sarah - Kala said...

Holy crap! I got 90%! I'm copying and pasting and blogging it tomorrow. I think we need to show our pride - some of us can be citizens who are already citizens! Hurrah! I'm an American whoo hoo!!

Therese said...

80% just like you!!!

Mary333 said...

Oh no! I got 70%. I think that's a D+. I would have gotten a C- if it hadn't been for the naturalization question.

Ha! Ha! Hee! Hee!
I guess you all
Are smarter than me!

Except for you, my D+ mate!

Anne (aussieannie) said...

Hi Nancy, I've got a St Anne Chaplet package all ready to go but I can't find your address any where..maybe I didn't get it from you..can't find your email either! Can you email me with it, and I'll get it off tomorrow!

{If this goes to you for approval you can just delete this message once you've read it}

God Bless, Anne

Gramma 2 Many said...

When my freind Msoshi took the test, he came out and told me it was one of the easiest things he had ever done. They only asked him five questions. No reason to not become a citizen if a person is going to live here and reap the benifits of being here. Unless he/she is illegal.

Kristen said...

I went with some friends to see The Proposal last night and was wondering about the test to proove if you are getting married just for the Greencard thing. I wonder how many American citizens getting married would pass that test!