Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Family Traditions

I grew up in an Italian household! We had many family traditions, most of which involved food (surprise!). We lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, specifically the East Bay. I was born in Berkeley and raised in nearby Albany. This area was filled with Italian communities.

My dad's job took him to the city (S.F.) quite often. In the North Beach area you will find what is known as "Little Italy". They have the absolute BEST restaurants and bakeries, all owned and operated by Italian immigrants!

At least once or twice a month, he would bring home what we called "hard breads". They are literally the hardest bread you have ever seen! You could seriously break a tooth on this stuff! My dad would spread them out on a cookie sheet and drizzle olive oil, balsamic vinegar and fresh herbs. The olive oil and vinegar would soften them up and they were DELICIOUS!!

I haven't lived in California in 12 years and it had probably been about 6 years before that since I had tasted these precious morsels! Well, I received a package in the mail today...from my uncle. Look what he sent......
Can you guess what I'm having for dinner?


Therese said...

Ok-my mouth is totally watering! I love being Italian, and I want that bread!!! I wonder if we could find a recipe???

~ Judy ~ said...

ITALIANS UNITE!!!!!!!!!! hee hee
When I would go to my friend's house across the street as a teen...(my friend was Italian like me)...her mom would break hard bread into chunks and dredge it with milk and sugar...Italian "cereal"! DELIZIOSO!!

Gae said...

How wonderful to have those memories to think back on and that close knit family support.
I have had to start all our traditions from skratch.
I wish I had what you have.
God Bless

Anne said...

Thanks for sharing your story of your family heritage. It's fascinating how we all have such varied backgrounds, yet inside, we all treasure the same things like God and family. Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

Those look so good! Enjoy them.

Mary333 said...

Oh yummy! I love breads. And I love dipping bread in olive oil. I am wishing that I was at your house right now!