Friday, August 7, 2009

Lost Tooth

In all the hustle and bustle of thermometers, Motrin, doctor visits and trying to explain that it's ok to eat bacon around here, I failed to notice that Nathan had a loose tooth. Well, yesterday he pulled it out! drama at all! He was very pleased with himself! He washed and dried it and neatly placed it in a ziplock bag...then under his pillow.

Guess what? His mother The Tooth Fairy FORGOT to visit! As soon as that child woke up this morning he noticed that she hadn't taken his tooth or left any money! How could she have forgotten?

We really had no idea why she had failed to come. Nathan was perplexed. So, we came up with a couple of reasons why she might have been a no show....

1. She probably didn't want to get the Swine Flu.
2. Nathan was using two pillows last night and she probably had looked under the wrong one.
3. He used to have plain sheets, but now he has Bakugan sheets and they are very "busy" so she must not have been able to see the little plastic bag.

Well, we've remedied all of that for tonight! He's only got one pillow, he's put the little ziplock bag on top of a red t-shirt and put that whole thing under the pillow....and...he left her a note explaining that he doesn't have Swine Flu anymore. That should do it!

I'm pretty sure mom she won't forget tonight! Phew!


Tracy said...

oh Nancy, my son Matt lost his tooth almost one week ago and I forgot to give him anything.. this post just reminded me.. yikes... tooth fairy better come tonight.. my head must be in the clouds=)

Aussie Therese said...


The tooth fairy takes a week to get to our house sometimes. Living in the country though I tell the children, we have to expect delays.

~ Judy ~ said...

If you only KNEW how many times that has happened in my house!