Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Swine Flu update!

Well, Nathan says he feels better today! To tell you the truth, he doesn't look much better. The fever has been better controlled and he's fighting with his sisters. Those are good signs...I think.

Interestingly enough, my employer has pretty strict rules with regards to communicable diseases. I can't go back to work until it has been 7 days since first exposure (in this case....Saturday would be the soonest), or, I have to be taking Tamiflu. I called both my oncologist and my regular doctor today. Neither of them were in any rush to help me out. Hopefully, I can get one of them to call in a prescription tomorrow and then I won't have to miss any work.

We are in pseudo quarantine here. No one has actually told us we can't leave the house, but if germs are cooking in the girls or Dan and I....I don't really want to be spreading "the love" all around town. I've been using hand sanitizer likes in going out of style and spraying Lysol everywhere. I scoured the bathroom this morning with bleach. Hopefully, this virus will not linger in the Widener household.

Thank you for your prayers. Keep them coming.


Chris said...

We were pretty sure my 16yo son had this in June. He had not been feeling well (same symptoms as Nathan) and didn't want to miss school because it was the last few days of review before finals. He claimed that "everyone" was going to school sick... taking tylenol for the fever in the morning, going in for exams and then coming home. I finally took him to the Dr. who said that pretty much swine flu is everywhere. I could have had him tested, but even if he was positive, he would not qualified for meds since he was young and healthy and at that time meds were rationed for people with the flu who were already impaired. If he had tested positive, he would have HAD to stay home for seven days from onset, my husband would have had to miss work etc. So pretty much the Dr. was saying, since it is already rampant, and if taking the tylenol and going in for exams ws working, he would just continue on with that, if we were OK with it... I thought the whole thing was strange. So we didn't have him tested, but are pretty sure that Ben, and most of his homeroom had it... just keeping it under wraps so to speak!

Chris said...

Oops, I almost forgot... I hope Nathan gets better quickly! As I remember, it did linger. Prayers for you all!

Mary333 said...

If he's fighting with his sisters, that's a good sign! Thanks for the update.

Guess what came in the mail today? The rosary beads were so beautiful that I wanted to keep them! But, I promised the Lord that I would give them to Larry and I think they were meant for him. Tell your friend that she does incredible work!

Sarah - Kala said...

Ugh, I hope the rest of you don't catch it and that N fixes up to his old self really quick! Prayers for you all!!!!

~ Judy ~ said...

Yikes...so sorry
I hope that your family comes through all of this soon:)