Friday, September 25, 2009


Feeling a lot better today. I had some down time last night.....Dan took care of dinner and homework as well as getting the kids to bed. I got up early this morning to go to the 40 Days for Life site and spent an hour in front of the abortion clinic. We got lots of positive honks and waves as well as a lot of middle fingers and other nasty gestures.

Sometimes I wonder how much it helps the cause to just stand on the sidewalk and hold a sign, but then I remember that if even one little life is saved, it's worth it. It helped me being there today because my focus was not on myself but on others. Plus, I got some fresh air out of the deal.

If you have a 40 Days for Life campaign in your area, I encourage you to participate!


~ Judy ~ said...

Nice to know we are joined in spirit in these 40 days Nancy...our family has pledged 40 days of the Divine Mercy Chaplet during this powerful "life campaign".

Easter A. said...

Nancy, we had Fr. Frank Pavone on our kick-off of 40 Days for Life here in Honolulu. I felt blessed to have met and chatted with him personally. About 1,000 of us, including our bishop and clerics, had dinner with him one evening.

Your prayers will never go wasted. You are saving many unborn babies. How I praise God for you and all your efforts!


Frizzy said...

Wow! I am proud of you for doing that. I thank you too because the one baby you may have saved could be the one I/we adopt. Love ya!

Tracy said...

Nancy, good for you!! We are also doing the 40 days for life program (or gearing up to begin our 3rd time doing it in our parish)

Anonymous said...

People of your mentality amaze me. Do you know what added burden you are placing in the hearts and minds of those women who for many very good reasons elect to have an abortion?
You say you are pro life, have you ever thought that the women who take such a courageous step as to walk through the doors of a clinic are pro life also. To many children are born into poverty into a home where there are not the finances or support in place to sustain another life with the education love and healthcare needed. I am not talking 3rd world country's here I am talking in western homes with good ideals and values. Where is the responsibility that you demand others take for creation of this life. Life does not come from god it is a biological creation not considered whole until the time of birth, What happens to this child after it is born without a support network it becomes a burden on the state it becomes disillusioned with the welfare system it is left to flounder in. not all I grant you but many many many fall into drugs alcohol abuse under-age sex and unplanned parenthood we then come full circle. Just think if you stop abortions you send the practice underground to dirty unhygienic conditions where more damage is done. Women have been emancipated or are you forgetting that.
Jenny Reed

e⋅man⋅ci⋅pat⋅ed not constrained or restricted by custom, tradition, superstition, etc.: a modern, emancipated woman. freed, as from slavery or bondage.

~ Judy ~ said...

To "Jenny Reed", who left the comment in favor of abortion as a valid option in the lives of so-called "emancipated" women:
TRUTH will set women FREE
It is by completely ENSLAVING ourselves to CHRIST'S TRUTH that we are FREED FROM ALL BONDAGE!
You state that people of Nancy's mentality amaze you...and that those like her add "burden" to women "electing" to murder their innocent children in the womb...
I hope that I can be counted among those who add burden to these poor, lost, confused, desperate women...I hope to add the BURDEN of TRUTH

so that they do not end up with the BURDEN of HAUNTING IMAGES FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES
To read that you do not believe that LIFE comes from GOD moves you into a place of prayer in my heart...those of us who accept GOD as CREATOR and WILLING GIVER of EACH AND EVERY LIFE know differently...if anything Nancy, or I, or someone else writes causes a woman who is contemplating an abortion so much burden that she does not go through with it...then PRAISE AND THANKSGIVING BE TO GOD! There is so much support and help waiting for ANY woman who feels she can not raise her child...she need only to reach out for it...and EACH of those women who turn AWAY from the CULTURE OF DEATH and instead CHOOSE LIFE will be eternally BLESSED!
If you (Jenny Reed) have chosen abortion in the past or have had a close personal experience with someone who has...God's LOVE and MERCY and FORGIVENESS await...ANYONE who has committed this sin can know TRUE FREEDOM and FORGIVENESS just by turning to the Heavenly Father and asking for it.
There are MANY MANY MANY babies born into this world in SOUND and SOLID families, with PLENTY of finances, health care and emotional support that STILL end up FLOUNDERING in the welfare system, and a life of drugs and crime and can NOT blame this state of life on abortions that "should have happened but didn't".
These terrible things entered and remain in the world through SIN...and it is GOD who will carry each and every soul through the darkness and into the light for those who but SEEK HIM.
May God bless you and turn your heart toward HIS TRUTH AND GOODNESS and may you come to embrace the CULTURE OF LIFE rather than DEATH.
Thanks to Nancy for allowing us to exchange our thoughts here on BE NOT APPROPRIATE title for all of those in need up support and encouragement in CRISIS pregnancies!

Anonymous said...

To Judy
Sweetie you live in la la land

: : : Matthew 13:13
: : : 13:13 Therefore I speak to them in parables: because they seeing
: : : see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand

: : : Jeremiah 5:21
: : : Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not:

Jenny reed

~ Judy ~ said...

Actually Jenny,
I think that the two beautiful Scriptures you place in your post speak DIRECTLY and ELOQUENTLY to people who reject GOD as the AUTHOR AND CREATOR of EACH AND EVERY LIFE and choose instead a culture of death in the world.
I HAVE seen and heard and understood HIM VERY CLEARLY and that is why I can still have JOY in my heart even amidst such a troubled world and when reading comments from souls who seem very angry at God and lost.
Still, I thank you for sharing your thoughts with me here on Nancy's WONDERFUL BLOG.
And if, by "LA LA land", you mean that I live in a place where those Scriptures you post are TRUE and LIFE-GIVING and SACRED...then AMEN AMEN I say to you! YES!!!!!!! I LIVE IN LA LA LAND and hope to stay there FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

Those who have eyes (to know that the life on a sonogram is REAL and a COMPLETE, UNIQUE, SACRED SOUL AND HUMAN BEING) yet SEE NOT (because they choose to say it is NOT a life, or worse, that it is a life that does not matter or does not have an inherent right to be born)...

The Scripture you quote speaks to this and my prayers each day are that those who are LOST with their unseeing eyes and unhearing ears will receive the COURAGE to ACCEPT CHRIST'S TRUTH and SURRENDER ALL TO HIM!

Nancy said...

Proverbs 6:16-17

Jenny, you seem a little creepy to me...lurking around blogs at 5 something in the morning (my time), commenting on blog posts from several months ago. Your vile rant has not in any way shaken my belief that abortion is murder...and I know Judy well enough to know that you didn't shake her either. All you've really done is encourage us. Thank you! My prayer for you is that the some 51 million children murdered as a result of abortion since 1973 are fervently interceeding for your conversion.
I hope it happens BEFORE you meet your Maker!
Happy New Year to you!