Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I now know why God made women more fertile in their early years and less fertile in their later years! I'm pretty sure that when raising your kids, it's a whole lot easier to deal with a 9, 5 and 4 year old when you are closer to your 30's than closer to your 50's (like me)! This makes logical sense, but I didn't see it until now!

For instance, this morning was one of those mornings! No one wanted to get up...nobody wanted to eat breakfast and NO ONE wanted to get dressed! As I was flying down the hallway to get someones clothes ready, I bumped into the CD/VHS/DVD shelf....and promptly knocked it over! Five minutes later, I've recovered enough to notice a line forming for the bathroom! I think it's funny how Nathan and Amelia have synchronized bladders! They have to go at the exact same moment! They are finally at an age where they really don't want company while they are trying to use the bathroom (I reached that age 2 kids ago)!

It's now 6:55am and the kids have to be out of the door at 7:15am at the latest! The bathroom is finally free and I'm heading that way! Once inside, I close the door (finally....some space), only to hear Nathan knock...he needs to brush his teeth! Finally, alone again! I start the which I can hear arguing right outside my door! It seems no one can find Olivia's school shoes.
Husband/Dad, son and both daughters stand in the girls' room....look around (without actually moving their feet), don't see shoes.....give up. Olivia is crying and dad is yelling speaking in a loud voice! I open the door (half naked) to give a dirty look and ask what the problem is. Again, Olivia's shoes have disappeared! I'm told they aren't in the living room, bedroom or kitchen! They're lost! I sigh, grab my robe, march into Olivia's bedroom....walk over to the toy chest....look down....and then pick up missing shoes! They all say in unison..."Oh, there they are!" though any of them had actually looked for the shoes.

Once in the shower, Amelia comes in to say good-bye. She mumbles something to me, then runs out the door to catch her dad who is on his way to the car. On her way out, she turns off the light! I'm now showering in the dark!

I can't help but reminisce about the energy I once had....long, long ago. Before children, before marriage, before cancer and chemo. While reminiscing, I also realize how blessed I am to have the life I've been given! I think about how empty my life would be without this craziness!


Aussie Therese said...

oh thanks for the morning laugh Nancy.

Sarah - Kala said...

What a hoot! Loved that you shared this - so funny and humbling!

Therese said...

Great start to the day! I often shower in the dark for the same reason!

Anonymous said...

Oh Nancy, what a hoot. You know it will never change. When the babies have moved away and Dan loses something you will be the one to find it. MOMS/WIVES have that GOD given basset hound nose to the ground talent. Thanks for the joy you shared. You are blessed my dear. I love you..MA

~ Judy ~ said...

OH yeah...the energy...hmmm...
I relate very well to your little morning scene...or at least I DID...until I couldn't bear it one more time and placed a huge plastic storage bin inside our front closet...what's in it? You guessed it! SHOES...each day there's duty of scouring the floors, counters, woods, dog house, whatever....for SHOES...and then they are put into the bin...hopefully many won't be found for the kids are supposed to put them in the bin on their own...and most of the time they actually DO! Saved me A LOT of mornings like you've it's PENCILS we can't find, ha ha!