Monday, October 19, 2009

UPDATE-Prayer requests

  • For a coworker (RT) whose mom was diagnosed with breast cancer this weekend! He asked me lots of questions about surgeons and oncologists....and it brought back lots of scary memories for me! I'm praying that God would bring peace at this very confusing time for RT and his family. RT's mom had her MRI yesterday and is scheduled to meet with a team of doctors next week. They seem to have a plan and are getting very good advice.....please continue to keep her in your prayers! Thanks....
  • For one of my very best friends (CC) whose son (JC) has suffered a terrible bout with croup. For some unknown reason, this virus has attacked his heart and lungs and he is currently on life support (ECMO). He is 6 years old. Please pray for his parents and his little sister (BC). Yesterday, there was discussion of a heart transplant. I believe his most recent test results indicate that they can put that on the back burner for now as there is some improvement. Praise be to God! Great news! JC is off of the ECMO machine!! He is still on the ventilator but he is doing much better and they are discussing slowly waking him up from his drug induced coma. I ask for your continued prayers for JC!!
  • For my neighbor (NB) who is currently in the hospital suffering from abdominal pain of unknown etiology at this point. They were scheduled to do an endoscopy today. She has two small children who need their mommy home and well. My neighbor is home and is doing better. The diagnosis as an "infected" ulcer. I'm not sure what the next course of treatment is...but she is home with her kids and her mom has come from Maine to help out! Thank you all for your intercession.
  • For a dear friend's little son (BM) who fell off of the monkey bars at the park yesterday and broke his arm. He had surgery last night and it went very well. Please pray for a full and quick recovery! His mom tells me that he is irritating his sisters today.....that's a good sign. The kids and I brought BM some Halloween treats last night (books and a card game) to help keep him busy! He is doing much better today and I'm sure will be back to normal very soon. I think his mom said he would only be in the cast for 3 weeks!

Thank you all in advance for your prayers. My shoulders were feeling very heavy today with burdens of these families and now that I've shared them with you...they feel lighter.

The power of prayer is pretty awesome and I thank you so much for allowing me to share my prayer requests with you!


Therese said...

Praying for your requests, dear friend!

Mary333 said...

I will pray for them, also. God bless you!

Frizzy said...

Thank you for sharing these prayer requests. I'm glad to help out. Hugs to you!

American History said...

Our prayers go out to them. We discovered a website that might help. Please check out Hope it helps. God bless.