Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Tree

We purchased our Christmas tree on Friday night. We don't often get it this early, but since Dan was working at the tree lot, we had all the best ones to pick from. It's been hanging out in the back yard where we keep it watered and where the weather has been cool. However, the weatherman said today it would be about 74 degrees here! This will not be good for the tree. I think I need to get it in the house sometime this afternoon.

These are really special trees...that come all the way from North Carolina. They are also blessed trees! Father blesses every singe tree when they are first delivered! In addition, they send home a prayer that should be said by the whole family when the tree has been put up and decorated. The Men's Club runs the tree lot and they have committed to saying the rosary for the intentions of every single person who purchases a tree!

The picture above is our tree from last year! Does anyone else out there HATE putting on the lights?? I've been so tempted to get an artificial tree with the lights already on it. Because by the time I get the lights on it, I'm disgusted and really don't feel like decorated the rest of the tree! But alas, there is nothing better than the smell of a fresh Christmas permeates the whole house. I love it!

Well, enjoy the rest of your weekend and Happy Advent!
****Pictures from our First Sunday of Advent to follow later******


Tracy said...

Happy Advent Nancy!! We just put up our tree today.. I'm finally getting excited!!

~ Judy ~ said...

Ah HAA...yet ANOTHER thing we have in common my dear friend! I too am not very "fond" of doing the lights and I try to get my husband to do that part each year...your trees sound LOVELY and I really like that idea of Father blessing them first! WOW!