Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Advent: Week One

Why do I always pack away my Advent Wreath with all of the Christmas decorations? I usually need it sooner than I need the decorations! Naturally, it was in the last box I pulled down from the shelf! This may be our last year with the fabric wreath...but I'm not sure. I still don't completely trust them around a lit candle. Anyway, we are looking forward to our St. Nicholas celebrations. Nathan and Amelia both have parties at school this Friday! Each class will make a St. Nicholas ornament and I'll be baking special Dutch Spice cookies (in the shape of St. Nick's miter) for the treats! Oh, and yes, I realize that the Christ candle goes in the middle of the wreath....I just don't have one at the moment.

Nathan's class made Advent Wreaths of their own! I thought this was a great idea for kids! Just pop up a candle each week! This is an excellent craft for the younger ones!

For their class projects on Friday, they're going to make St. Nicholas ornaments. Rather than have the students trace the patterns and then cut them out....I did all of that for them to save time. All they will have to do is glue it all together. It will start out looking like this.....

And end up looking like this! You can find this pattern as well as lots of other St. Nicholas information at the St. Nicholas Center! Enjoy!

The start of the new liturgical year is always exciting. And, since Nathan will begin training for altar serving in the next few months, I purchased this Liturgical Wheel from Aquinas & More! He's very interested in why Father's vestments change colors and I thought this might help him with understanding the changes.

And lastly...I didn't feel like doing a monthly calendar for December....just too tired and too much other stuff to do. I think the liturgical wheel will suffice for helping us with saint feast days and holy days as well as the Advent Calendar that Grandma brings us. They take turns opening the little doors. Amelia did bring home this calendar from school. I went ahead and put it up so that they have a visual.

What have you guys been up to? I'd love to see pictures of your activities! Thanks for allowing me to share our family with you!


Therese said...

Love the decorations! We've haven't put out much around here. I need to get out their stockings.

Tracy said...

Love the decorations, we don't put out real candles around here, I just get too nervous.. maybe someday!!