Friday, December 11, 2009

Would you like to see....

.....some of the most wonderful Christmas cookies I have ever laid eyes on??? You do?? Well, you've come to the right place! Her name is Amanda and she blogs at i am baker!

Let me just give you a "sneak peak" at some of her talent!

I am so impressed with her creativity and her detail! Take a few minutes to peruse her blog. You will find some of the straightest and thinnest lines you have every seen! Her attention to detail is not easily matched! I visit her blog everyday....waiting oh so patiently for a new post with new pictures (I am a sucker for pictures)! You will find a link to her blog on my sidebar!
Thank you, Amanda, for being willing to share your talent with the world!


Therese said...

Those are beautiful! Headed over there!

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness!! This is just about the nicest treat ever!! I am not sure that I deserve all your sweet words, but my silly little heart is just loving them anyway!

Thank you...truly... for taking the time to be SO kind!

I appreciate it immensely!


Mary333 said...

These are awesome! Michaela and I spend some time each year baking big batches of Christmas cookies but they never look like these! I usually let Michaela decorate most of them. Maybe I'll put up a few pictures myself once we do our baking so that everyone can get a good laugh :)

Amanda, if I could cook like you I could make batches as presents for friends; for now, I only dare give them to family members! They are used to my half-cooked, half-burnt, treats:)

~ Judy ~ said...

A work of ART!

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Her blogs are WONDERFUL! Thank you for the heads' up, Nancy. :)

PS. My word verif. is "consurge". That's what my kids will do when I start making some of those sugar cookies.

Tracy said...

Just amazing, I wish I had this kind of talent.. they look soooo good!!