Sunday, January 24, 2010

Important Announcement!

I really hate loathe despise don't like not having a dishwasher! That is all! You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming!


Mary333 said...

But you do have a dishwasher;) So I take it that washing dishes is a chore you dread.

~ Judy ~ said... poor sorry :((
If it helps, you'll be happy to learn that I (hate, loathe, despise) don't really care for ironing all that much!

Mary333 said...

The word verification says be of good chear :) I guess they need spellcheck too.

Mary333 said...

I agree with Judy, ironing is the pits!

Tracy said...

aww, I feel for you:-)

Colleen said...

I interrupt this programming to tell you that I like your blog very much! :)
And I myself have always hated it too when I was without a dishwasher.
And I hate ironing too.

Mary333 said...

You know the Lost ticker that you have up. I popped on your site, it flickered to 333 and then went back to it's original number. And yes, I am completely serious. Talk about strange.

Frizzy said...

I am laughing hard right now. That is the last thing I expected to read.

Ambrose said...

I feel you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,
I so understand. Dave does the dishes for us.