Friday, February 5, 2010

....A couple of things....

  • I don't think I have ever been so glad that today is FRIDAY! For me, it's been one of those weeks where I am emotionally and physically drained. I'm on the edge and I'm really not sure why. It seems that for the past several days, I've been on the edge of tears constantly! I know the answer is draw myself closer to God. I hate the desert.
  • We're having a small birthday party for Amelia tomorrow. This means I'm going to stress out about how clean the house is! When I'm expecting company is the one time in my life I develop OCD!
  • Today ends Catholic Schools Week! It has been very busy. Our school is celebrating Grandparents Day with a special Mass and visits to each child's classroom by their grandparents. Dan's parents can't make it today....this is actually a good thing. Amelia has a follow up appointment with the dentist to check her caps. I thought about keeping all of them home because they are out at noon anyway. Sometimes the logistics of daily life is the one thing that can throw me over the edge! Thank God Dan is off today as I've got to work.
  • I love my job! Well, what I mean is...I love (and am so grateful for) having a job! We live within 3 miles of where I work and where the kids go to school! However, I work with a lot of non Catholics....or...rather...ex Catholics. This can be hard sometimes. They have a lot of anger at the Church and sometimes, I get the brunt of this. I realize that some consider this a blessing...that being persecuted for your beliefs is an honor....a step closer to martyrdom. Here's the thing.....I don't want to be a martyr.
  • There are many in my life that are suffering right now with illnesses. A lot of them with cancer. They are young and old. Some days I can accept this better than others. Today is not one of them. Please pray for all of those who are sick. Thank you.
  • Whining over now. Thanks for listening.


Aussie Therese said...


I am sure the party for Amelia will be a huge success.

As for all the other things, I certainly understand your need to whine. I would be too.

Therese said...

Many, many prayers and hugs! Wish I could come help you clean-well not actually clean...I'd probably distract you from cleaning!

Mary333 said...

I get OCD when someone is coming over, too. I run around frantically like a chicken with its head cut off, my husband can't understand this.
There! We are partners in whine!