Friday, February 19, 2010

Fast From....Feast On

Fast from judging others ~ Feast on the Christ dwelling in them.
Fast from emphasis on differences ~ Feast on the unity of life.
Fast from apparent darkness ~ Feast on the reality of Light.
Fast from thoughts of illness ~ Feast on the healing power of God.
Fast from words that pollute ~ Feast on phrases that purify.
Fast from discontent ~ Feast on gratitude.
Fast from anger ~ Feast on patience.
Fast from pessimism ~ Feast on optimism.
Fast from worry ~ Feast on Divine Order.
Fast from complaining ~ Feast on appreciation.
Fast from negatives ~ Feast on affirmatives.
Fast from unrelenting pressures ~ Feast on unceasing prayer.
Fast from hostility ~ Feast on non-resistance.
Fast from bitterness ~ Feast on forgiveness.
Fast from self-concern ~ Feast on compassion for others.
Fast from personal anxiety ~ Feast on eternal Truth.
Fast from discouragement ~ Feast on hope.
Fast from facts that depress ~ Feast on verities that uplift.
Fast from lethargy ~ Feast on enthusiasm.
Fast from thoughts that weaken ~ Feast on promises that inspire.
Fast from shadows of sorrow ~ Feast on the sunlight of serenity.
Fast from idle gossip ~ Feast on purposeful silence.
Fast from problems that overwhelm ~ Feast on prayer that strengthens.
--William Arthur Ward (American author, teacher and pastor, 1921-1994)


Tracy said...

This is fabulous Nancy!!!

Mary333 said...

I loved this list. That is the way to grow in Charity!

Abbey said...

A most excellent list, Nancy! I imagine I will be referring to it again throughout Lent.


aspiring... said...

As you said elsewhere, "Ouch!" (...coming from me this time. :) )
I left a note for you at my site. Wishing you and yours the rich blessings of the spirit and gifts of Lent.

Barb, sfo said...

I love this list! It's a wonderful way to keep Lent--and ANYTIME. Thanks for posting it.

Abbey said...

These are so powerful, Nancy!! Where did you find them? I'm going to print them out and post them on my refrigerator so I can read them every morning before prayer.


Colleen said...

I love this!! Thanks for sharing!