Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm Torn!

As most of you know, I'm a HUGE Lost fan! I've been waiting forever for the final season to begin! Well, the season starts tonight! I'm so excited! However, last night I got a call from a good friend reminding me about another commitment I had made for tonight. Yikes! You see, a couple of months ago, some friends and I had made the decision that we would go see the Bill O'Reilly/Glenn Beck show "The Bold Fresh Tour". Unfortunately, they weren't coming to Jacksonville....but they would be in Tampa. Well, to make a long story short....the tickets sold out in about 3 hours! We never had a chance!

Then we heard they were going to do a live simulcast of the show at various movie theatres around town. *Sigh*, we couldn't get tickets for that one either! However, they are replaying it tonight. I must not have been thinking straight when I said I would go because I'm sure I would have never said "yes" if I knew it was the SEASON OPENER FOR LOST! Ah, such is life! Dan said he would record it for me. But, if I had to choose between Beck/O'Reilly and Jack /Sawyer.....I'd pick Jack & Sawyer EVERY TIME!


Mary333 said...

Poor Nancy! That's quite a sacrifice for you considering everybody DOES know you are a huge fan of this show with the ticker you have up. Don't forget to offer it up ;)

Mary333 said...

P.S. [At least now that the show has started I won't have to worry about your Lost ticker pulling another nutty on me:) ]

Michele said...

I Love, love, love O'Reilly and Glenn Beck!! I think you definitely made the right choice!!