Saturday, February 13, 2010

Some Stuff

I've been a little under the weather this week. The cold, laryngitis and cough that I've had for almost a month has finally taken its toll. I broke down and went to the doctor yesterday because I am having pain in my right chest just under my "remaining" breast. My blood pressure was up a little (139/81) from where it usually stays. My pulse ox was 97% but I had no fever. I was scared to death when they wanted to do a chest xray! I was convinced that I probably had lung cancer now! Thankfully, the xray was clear! She said she thought it might just be that because my immune system was compromised for so long, it's just going to take me longer to get over things. She said I was to call her if it got worse. She diagnosed it as probably inflamed cartilage between my ribs from coughing so much. It seems like it has been so long since I've felt really good. Feeling bad is starting to get really old.

On a brighter very first Camellia of the season appeared this week! These are my most favorite flowers in the entire world ( to Hollyhocks)! Here is a picture of my first flower for this year! Isn't it gorgeous?

Lastly, I was on Facebook this morning and a friend posted a quote from Mother Angelica that I thought was worth posting here....
"If you're not a thorn in somebody's side, you aren't doing Christianity right."
~~Mother Angelica~~
Enjoy your Saturday!


Colleen said...

Glad your xray was clear. Hope you feel better soon.
Love your Camelia. Beautiful. And enjoyed the quote too.
You are in my prayers!

Sarah - Kala said...

I love that flower. Feel better soon (prayers for you). I have something akin to bronchitis or laryngitis . . . not sure. Haven't heard from Fr. if he's going to risk coming for lunch tomorrow . . . if no message from him by the time we are back from Mass, I'll try ringing him up again to be certain.
The house is spiffy enough to entertain and we have the ingredients to feed him German spaghetti . . . I feel pretty good, though, so we'll see. God bless!

Tracy said...

So glad your xray was clear!! I'm praying that you'll feel much better very, very soon!!

Therese said...

Please rest and feel better soon! HUGS!