Monday, March 1, 2010

Daily Frustrations

A couple of times a month, I receive an emailed newsletter from Heart of the Matter. One of the articles that came today is called...."Cutting Down on Frustrations". Although I don't homeschool (at least not yet), I am definitely guilty of some of the things mentioned. The example that the writer used really hit home for me. My kids have been "overlooked" or shewed away so that I could finish an email or a phone conversation out the pantry. Sometimes, my priorities get out of whack, and that is surely my fault. I need to work on this.

Please take a few minutes to read this article...especially if you're a homeschooling or stay at home mom.

P.S. Thank you for all of your prayers for my latest physical ailment! I'm still moving really s.l.o.w. today! I think this is just one of those things that's going to take time!


Mary333 said...

Oops! You mean we are not supposed to shew away our kids when we are on the phone ? ;)

I'm sorry that you got hurt, I hope you heal quickly. Look on the bright side: it's Lent and you can unite it with Jesus' scourging at the pillar. I'll pray for you [I already do].

Thanks for your comment on my site. It gave me a good laugh. You have a big heart, Nancy :)

Mary333 said...

Yeah! See! Even the word verification says you are full of cheare ;) They just haven't learned to spell yet [sort of like me].

Frizzy and Bird said...

Thank you for sharing this with us today. Who of us doesn't need a gentle reminder now and then. I pray you are feeling better soon.

Tracy said...

Wow, each time I check out one of my blog friends today I'm getting so much help for some issues I am dealing with for myself as well as my children's lives.. thank you Nancy!!

Anonymous said...

This blog entry hit home with me. I'm so guilty of this and now that Mario is a teenager, often times it's "hi" and "bye" as we pass in and out of the house. Been dealing with some health issues myself and feel like it's one more thing that's demanding my time. I'm grateful I'm not alone.